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Easydry: Hygienic, Disposable, Eco-friendly  

Say goodbye to the laundering and upkeep of discolored, scratchy cotton towels, and say hello to Easydry! Easydry is a next-generation, super-absorbent fabric that uses the latest technological innovations in textile design to create luxurious disposable towels that are recyclable, biodegradable, and offer the highest possible levels of hygiene.

Along with being hygienic, sustainable, and time-saving, Easydry towels also help salons save on costs. For example, if a typical 4 stylist salon uses 2 towels per client with 450 clients a month, the salon will need to order 1 carton of 900 Easydry towels per month, which is only 12 total cartons for the entire year! When you combine the amount of money you’ll save on energy and water resources with the time and money spent to launder traditional towels, switching to Easydry towels becomes a no brainer. Plus, you’re helping mother earth! We love that part, too.

Need more info? Hop on over to our Easydry blog post to watch why Rebecca Taylor loves Easydry and to discover more information about Easydry towels.

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