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Discharge Pump for Pedicure Chairs



This discharge pump works with any pedicure chair and includes a built-in check valve for backflow prevention. A discharge pump is necessary when drain water has to travel against gravity (for example, when a wall drain is located above where the drain water comes out of the pedicure basin). Check with your plumber before purchasing a pedicure chair to see if a discharge pump will be required.

Additional Information

Manufacturer Saniflo
Amperage 5.5
Voltage 110
HP 0.2
Head Feet 12
Volume g/m 12
Size Discharge 3/4"
Maximum Temperature 95 degrees
Assembly Minor assembly required

2 year limited warranty provided by SFA Saniflo, Inc.

Subject to the terms and conditions set out below, SFA-SANIFLO INC., (hereafter designated as the Company) warrants that it will repair or replace this product or any of its component parts, at the Company’s discretion if it deems that the product or part is defective or does not meet the rated performance due to a manufacturing or material default. If replacement is to be issued, this will only be extended to the first 180 days starting from the date of purchase. Warranty repairs will apply after such date up to the warranty’s date of conclusion.


The terms and conditions of the warranty are the following:

  • The product must be installed in accordance with the use described in the enclosed manuals.
  • The product must be connected to a single-phase 120V, 60Hz electrical outlet and was not subject to any negligence, accident or exposure to harmful products or substances.
  • The alleged defect or fault must be reported either to the installer or to the Company during the warranty coverage period.
  • The warranty coverage period is valid for 2 years.


The product may be exchanged without cost only at the sales outlet where it was purchased subject to thefollowing conditions:

  • The client must have an “authorized return number” from the manufacturer in order to validate exchange.
  • The client must produce proof of purchase to validate exchange.


  • This warranty does not cover installation or de-installation costs.
  • The Company shall not be liable for incidental or indirect damages, losses, or injuries of any kind whatsoever, resulting from the use of this product or of any of its component parts.
  • This warranty is transferable only if the unit remains in the place of its original installation.
  • This warranty does not cover shipping or transportation costs of the unit or of the parts to be replaced or repaired.

Except as for provided under these terms and conditions, the Company accepts no other guarantee, eitherimplicit or explicit, on this product or on any of its component parts, including but not limited to any other guarantee of the market value or the suitability of this product to a particular need.