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Bordado Facial Towel by The Madison Collection


The Madison Collection is globally recognized by spa, hotel, and wellness businesses for creating high-quality massage and spa linens and has led the way in environmentally friendly product innovation by using eco friendly materials and processes to produce sustainable products for the beauty industry. As a proud partner of Positive Luxury, The Madison Collection received the Butterfly Mark, which is awarded to trust-worthy brands in recognition of their commitment to social and environmental sustainability. The Madison Collection's line of massage linens provides luxurious comfort and style as well as a more sustainable future for spa businesses across the world.


The Madison Collection's Bordado Facial Towel is a massage room, spa treatment, and esthetician essential, providing fresh style, soft comfort, and long-lasting, hassle-free durability. Created from 100% sustainably farmed Brazilian combed cotton, this ultra-soft and eco-friendly facial towel features innovative and environmental 300 gsm weave that uses 40% less energy for complete wash and dry cycles and requires 50% less storage. Naturally farmed, purely smooth, and spun to perfect-tension long fibers, the Bordado Facial Towel is woven to be ultra-soft and incredibly strong with no fluff fillers, providing the best, most luxurious comfort for your clients during facials, massages, and other spa and skin care treatments. Check out additional features of The Madison Collection's Bordado Facial Towel below to see even more reasons why it's an instant favorite among massage therapists, estheticians, and spa professionals.

  • Innovative and environmental 300GSM weave uses 40% less energy for complete wash and dry cycle, requires 50% less storage
  • 100% long-fiber Brazilian combed cotton - naturally farmed, purely smooth, spun to perfect-tension long fibers - woven to be ultra - soft and incredibly strong-with no fluff fillers
  • Designed with a timeless and stylish sand-colored trim
  • Facial Towel Bordado
    • Size: 18x32
    • Weight: 2.88 lb/dz
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