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Caliber Pro 38 Super Trimmer


The Caliber Cordless .38 Super Trimmer with DLC Blades is specifically designed for professional barbers and stylists. This powerful trimmer equipped with constant high speed technology features diamond-like carbon, 440C Japanese steel blades, adjustable T-blade, and a 1600mA Lithium battery that runs up to 4 hours. Enjoy a high-quality professional trimmer with the Caliber Cordless .38 Super Trimmer.

  • Caliber Professional Cordless/Cord trimmer specific design for professional Barbers and Stylists;
  • Powerful, constant high speed technology;
  • Diamond-like carbon and 440C Japanese steel blades;
  • Adjustable T-blade: easy to be zero gapped, designing for lining and dry shaving
  • 1600mA Lithium Battery run up to 4 hours.
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