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Golden Supreme Rainbow Stove Kit

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Set includes: Elite Deluxe Stove, Perfect 10+2 Stand, 01-2 Tapered Point, 07 Curling Iron, 08-C Curling Iron, 09-G Curling Iron, 10-J Curling Iron, 20-K Curling Iron, 30-L Curling Iron, 40-M Curling Iron, 50-R Curling Iron, 60-S Curling Iron, C-30 Shape Iron, Silky Mini Beveled Pressing Iron, Silky Senior Beveled Pressing Iron, NW-3 Natural Deep Waver, GS-1 Smooth Back Pressing Comb, and an Irons-To-Go Bag!

  • Large mouth Elite Deluxe Stove fits 70T and 80U irons
  • Durable high gloss paint & gold finish
  • High internal temperature
  • Low external Temperature
  • Firm & fixed iron rest
  • Thermostat heat control with 10 heat settings
  • Tilted angle for ease of access & security
  • Stable base
  • On & off indicator light
  • 6 Month guarantee
  • Made in the U.S.A.


GOLDEN SUPREME, the world leader manufacturer of Quality Thermal Curling Irons, has introduced for the first time ever a LIFETIME GUARANTEE on all of their Thermal Curling Irons. This LIFETIME GUARANTEE is the first ever to be offered in the Beauty Industry. The LIFETIME GUARANTEE covers any defects in the material or workmanship. Here are some of the features that give our Thermal Curling Irons worldwide recognition for their exceptional quality:

  • Tough, Lightweight Construction for maximum performance, satisfaction, confidence and reliability.
  • Quality Handles made of high temperature material that absorbs hand perspiration.
  • Smooth Revolving Handles - teflon handles reduce friction and maximize turning control and comfort.
  • Handles Strength - handle will not bend when squeezed together (as other Irons).
  • Supreme Heat Control - barrel retains temperature for a long period of time.
  • Barrel Centering - barrel of Curling Iron is centered for Maximum performance.
  • Outstanding Heat Distribution - - more even heat distribution in the Curling Iron barrel due to the ends being closed.
  • Perfect Balance - for even weight distribution and ease of operation.
  • Beautiful Finish - natural color for beauty and easy cleaning.
  • Outstanding Packaging - every Curling Iron is sealed in a plastic sleeve or blister packed. Both types of packaging include drawings of actual sizes and types of curling irons and accessories available from Golden Supreme.
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