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J&A Toepia GX Pedicure Spa

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This upgrade only includes piping and inlets. Any real ventilation (forced air) that is required or desired must be properly installed by a licensed air specialist.

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Said to resemble a throne, the J&A Toepia GX Pedicure Spa is referred to as one of the more elite pedicure spas in its class. The Toepia GX features a DuraJet pipe-less whirlpool motor, dual function shower sprayer, full function shiatsu massage system, adjustable side tray and footrest, multi-functional slider and recliner, slide armrest and telescopic footrest, and armrests that swing up and down for easy client access. The fine upholstery and elegant yet durable glass bowl set the Toepia GX in a category of its own, making it the perfect addition to any salon or spa setting. *Optional Air Ventilation System available by request, please call a Minerva Beauty representative today for more details!


  • DuraJet Pipe-Less Whirlpool Motor
  • Durable Glass Bowl with Color Options
  • Dual Functional Shower Spray
  • Full Function Shiatsu Massage System
  • Adjustable Side Tray & Adjustable Footrest
  • Swing Up/Down Armrest
  • Massage Remote
  • Multi-Functional Slider & Recliner
  • Slide Armrest & Telescopic Footrest
  • Optional Air Ventilation System Available (Additional $150)


  • Dimension & Weight (Net): 54.4"L x 27"W x 53"H (230lbs)
  • Capacity of Tub: 4.5 US Gallon
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