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SKU: Z-LIT-002

The Modern Salon in Pictures - Dream Salons, Innovative Designs Built for Profit


The Modern Salon is a picture book full of inspiration for those thinking of opening a new salon, for existing owners who are looking for ideas to infuse into their facility and reword their existing brand, and for those who just love salons! It has over a hundred photos of salon interiors grouped by the five areas common to most modern salons: the entrance (including the front desk, the waiting area, and the customer service area), the retail area, and styling or service area, the color area, and the manicure and pedicure area.

In this highly competitive industry, architects and interior designers are experimenting and innovating—providing a new experience to patrons. Hopefully, the ideas in this book will inspire salon owners to create their dream salon that is not only beautiful, but highly functional and profitable. Let your mind wander!

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