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Valera Master Pro 3200 Professional Blow Dryer

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Need somewhere to put your blow dryer when it's not in use? The Universal Wall Holder is the way to go. Covered in a polished and refined chrome finish, the Universal Wall Holder can be mounted to any wall, cabinet, or flat surface and is expertly designed to hold all dryers. With the screws included, the Universal Wall Holder comes equipped with everything you need to properly mount and hold your blow dryer in an organized fashion.

  • Holds all dryers
  • Can be mounted to any wall, cabinet, or flat surface
  • Includes the screws
  • Valera SKU: 040/C

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The Master Pro 3200 Professional Dryer delivers high power performance in an ultra-silent fashion. Covered in a sleek and sophisticated soft black finish, this professional-grade dryer features extra-long motor durability with super air power and maximum air performance, ion generator, removable metallic filter, 6 air flow/temperature settings, ultra-silent technology, and an INSTANT cold air button. Weighing only 1.23lb. (560g)**, the Master Pro 3200 dries 35%* faster than hairdryers with a DC motor and comes equipped with 2 ultra-slim nozzles (2.36-2.95 in.) and a 9ft. SuperFlex cord with ROTOCORD.

  • Extra-long motor durability
  • Drying faster: 35%*
  • Super air power
  • Maximum air performance
  • Ultra-silent
  • Light: 1.23 lb. (560 g)**
  • Ion generator
  • 2 ultra-slim nozzles 2.36-2.95 in. (6-7.5 cm)
  • Removable metallic filter
  • 6 air flow/temperature settings
  • Cold air button INSTANT COLD
  • 9 ft. (2.74 m) SuperFlex cord with ROTOCORD
  • Valera SKU: MP 3.2X RC
  • *Compared with hairdryers with DC motor.
  • **Weight without cord.
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