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Vivo Tourmaline Blow Dryer in Black - Made in Italy


The Vivo Tourmaline Blow Dryer is professional-grade, Italian-made, and further impresses with its energy-efficient power, durability, and style. The Vivo Tourmaline delivers more power and faster drying times than a traditional hairdryer, but it consumes half the energy – saving you money while also saving the planet by reducing energy consumption. This state-of-the-art hair dryer also features 2500W of energy-efficient power, filter inox, ergonomic grip, 2 hair dryer speeds with four temperatures, and a true cold shot button. Additional features of the Vivo Tourmaline Blow Dryer include:

  • Energy-Efficient Power 2500W
  • Airflow 80/120 m³/h
  • No EMC emission
  • Earth Care Recyclable
  • Weight 360g/460g
  • Filter Inox
  • 2 speeds
  • 4 temperatures + cold air blow button
  • Long lasting AC motor
  • "Silent Brushing" technology - the noise of the hair dryer is perfectly controlled during brushing
  • Ergonomic grip
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