MAG Shears "Dusty" Dry Cutting Shear

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MAG Shears "Dusty" Dry Cutting Shear

Was: $499.00


sku: Z-MAG-A600


MAG Shears began as a factory service company, and quickly noticed a lack of quality in design and production with many of the shears available to the professional stylist. After several years of development, MAG produced a line of shears offering concise model selection utilizing some of the highest quality steel in the world.

Dusty is the perfect slicer with a 30 degree cut angle to the hair and a beefy 15mm width making it one of the best slicers on the market today.  Try it and you will never use another scissor for slicing again.

-V-10 Cobalt Alloy Steel
-Dual Split Tension Screw
-Semi-offset Ergo Thumb Handle
-Permanent Finger Rest
-Screw In Bumper
-Lifetime Warranty

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Manufacturer MAG Shears
Limited Lifetime Warranty and 30 day money back guarantee provided by MAG Shears.