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SKU: MI-7263nat

Eco-Friendly Beauty Case Trolley


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Hair salons, barbershops, spas, and the beauty industry as a whole are making a conscious effort to take the step towards a more sustainable future by developing clean, eco-friendly beauty products, implementing sustainable business practices, utilizing environmentally friendly materials and processes to produce sustainable furniture, and so much more.

Pushing forward with sustainability in the beauty industry, we've expanded our collection of eco-friendly salon and spa furnishings with the addition of the Minerva Eco-Friendly Beauty Case Trolley in Natural. With an eco-friendly design constructed from 99% recycled certified plastic, this sustainable salon trolley is the perfect multi-purpose salon trolley created from eco-friendly materials that are stain-resistant as well as color and waterproof. Washed in polypropylene giving this trolley a natural, ivory coloring, the Minerva Eco-Friendly Beauty Case Trolley further impresses with 2 rotating trays with storage compartments, styling comb and brush holders, smooth-glide no air wheels for efficient salon mobility, a built-in foil dispenser (a perfect fit for our Minerva 250' Foil Roll), and a foil cutter accessory for efficiency and precision. Don't settle for less when you can have durable, functional, and sustainable beauty in your salon with the Minerva Eco-Friendly Beauty Case Trolley.

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