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SKU: MI-220g

Respiro Hooded Ionic Dryer in Gold by Minerva - Made in Italy


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Style, design, functionality, and innovative technology blend together into a single device with the Respiro Ionic Hooded Hair Dryer. This professional-grade Italian-made hooded dryer features a first choice ABS helmet with maximum thickness for higher heat resistance, a hood made of the highest quality materials, 2 speeds (1100 RPM slower or faster 1300 RPM motor) with timer for enhanced control over drying, thermostat, temperature control light, and a 2-blowing-speed adjustable Italian motor with low-noise technology. The Respiro is also equipped with a mobile base for enhanced functionality and easy maneuverability. Thanks to the large hood, airflow and internal flow system, the Respiro Ionic Hooded Dryer allows you and your salon to perform at your best. 10 years warranty for the heating elements. 5 years warranty for the motor. 2 years warranty for the hood dryer. See below for additional features.

  • Timer works as a power switch and is certified for heavy duty use
  • 8ft power cord
  • Fan uses aluminum bushing for higher stability and controlled balance
  • Hood is made of first choice ABS plastic that heat and impact resistant
  • Thermostat is certified for heavy duty use
  • Heating elements provide high heating performance and zero maintenance
  • Engine is super resistant with zero maintenance necessary and provides an extremely long life
  • Can be started at any speed
  • Different rotation speeds obtained with internal speed coils and condenser
  • Hairnet Recommended
  • 1000 Watts
  • 50-60 Hz
  • Tempurature Range: 68°F - 158 °F
  • 600-2000 RPM (Revolution Per Minute)
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