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SKU: ML-085

Woodruff Tower Styling Station in Distressed White


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The Loft Collection by Minerva Beauty was inspired by the modern trend of repurposing tired urban space into a chic, modern industrial oasis. It is our hope that The Loft will inspire the artist inside you! Picture yourself in a second floor salon in SoHo, looking out over the cityscape of troubadours, painters and street performers... where the dialogue has more to do with Chaucer than it does yesterday's news. No matter where you are, The Loft Collection can bring you back to that space where your shears are your brush and your client is your canvas.

The Woodruff is part of the Loft Collection by Minerva that gets its inspiration from old warehouses and lofts in some of the world’s most culturally rich neighborhoods and communities. Evoking the architectural classicism of turn-of-the-century design, each piece is unique and is hand crafted by artisans using repurposed birch hardwood that’s character come from the natural and raw appearance of the wood. The ancient birch wood is reclaimed from old structures throughout the Pacific Rim. By repurposing the wood, Minerva believes that this has a positive effect on slowing the destruction of old forests. Each station features piano hinges, industrial drawer glides, solid hardwood construction, and built in appliance holders.

Additional measurements:


6’-9 1/8” H x 1’-5 11/16” W x 1’-6 5/16” D (1’- 8 5/8” with molding)


1’-10 9/16” H x 1’-4” W x 1’-5 7/8” D


5 15/16” H (4 1/2 “ inside) x 1’-2 1/8” W (1’-7/8” inside) x 1’-3 1/8” D


2 5/8” H x 1’-2 1/8” W x 1’-3 ¼” D


1’-10 5/8” H x 1’-2 1/8” W x 1’-3 ¼” D


9 ¼” H x 1’-2 1/8” W x 1’-3 ¼” D

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