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Aloe Vera Roll-On Wax


***FREE TRAINING when you purchase $4,000+ of Depileve brand products over a 12 month period. Call 888-332-0123 for details.*** Reduce skin irritation during a hair removal treatment with the Aloe Vera Roll-On Wax. With an unlimited drying time and a liquid texture that can be applied in extra thin layers, this wax is ideal for a fast and effective treatment on extensive areas such as legs, arms, back, and chest. The Aloe Vera Oleate ingredient moisturizes and regenerates the skin, reducing overall irritation. Remove hair quickly and efficiently without irritating the skin with Aloe Vera Roll-On Wax.

  • Active ingredients:
    • Aloe Vera Oleate: This is a natural emollient (softening action) that moisturizes, regenerates, and reduces irritation.
    • Natural pine resin used for its adhesive properties.
    • Mineral Oils: Work as plastifying agents in the wax.
    • Vegetable Oil: This a natural emollient (softening action).
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