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Aura LED Ring Light - Great for social media!


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The best way to choose a colour is to see the colour! The high CRI allows you to work in perfect daylight wherever you are. The ring gives an even and shadowless distribution of light. Social Media friendly with a mobile phone holder for YouTubers and Vloggers - the Aura is also lightweight and folds into its carry-bag.

  • LED 6,000K daylight
  • 4,400 Lux at 30 cm (12")
  • Fully adjustable light intensity
  • Phone holder & USB port
  • Telescopic stand
  • Continuous dimmer switch
  • Fully variable light intensity
  • Accurate skin tone rendering
  • Flat and stable base
  • Adjustable shade - grab and move
  • Energy consumption - 29W
  • Comes with a carry-bag
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