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The ECOHEADS Sprayer provides more than just water and energy conservation for your salon, spa, or barbershop. In addition to saving up to 65% of the water and energy you use on your everyday shampoo services, the ECOHEADS Sprayer also improves the quality of your salon and barbershop services by introducing negative ions into the water stream to smooth the hair cuticle. The filtration system inside the sprayer also removes sediment, rust, and sand from your tap water to keep these materials from rinsing onto your client's hair. Professionally tested by salons and barbershops across the globe, the ECOHEADS Sprayer is proven to provide soft, safe, and clean water that improves overall hair and scalp health, resulting in hair stylists using less product on clients to combat harsh materials in unfiltered water. Upgrade your Minerva Beauty shampoo system with the ECOHEADS Sprayer today!

• Reduces water and energy usage
• 240 tiny sprayer holes increases water pressure to rinse hair color and other product from hair up to 3x faster thus reducing time spent on each client
• Stimulates hair growth and increases blood circulation with increased water pressure
• Introduces negative ions to soften the water and smooth hair cuticle
• Innovative stones increase dissolved oxygen content, dramatically reducing bacteria, pathogens, and reduces the impact of chlorine levels in the water
• Filters and cleans water to remove sediment such as rust, sand, and other debris
• Installation takes less than 10 minutes on most shampoo systems
• Flow rate: 1.45 GPM

The ECOHEADS Sprayer is an innovative patent-pending spray nozzle that delivers 100% more pressure than other standard spray heads on the market today while also reducing the overall flow rate of your water.In addition to saving water for your salon or barbershop, the ECOHEADS Sprayer's innovative design increases water pressure, providing a "bubbly" effect that feels great on the scalp, resulting in a more relaxed and enhanced client salon experience. It is a wonderful tool for hair loss specialists and trichologists as it will help further stimulate hair growth and blood flow to the scalp of your clients.

For areas of the United States that have heavy sedimentation in their tap water, the ECOHEADS Sprayer is a must. The built-in filter reduces rust, sand, and other debris from the water as it enters the spray head.

The ECOHEADS Sprayer also includes stones made of Magenetite, Red Clay Ceramic, Sericite and Tourmaline. As the water passes through the chamber of the eco-stones, negative ions are introduced into the water. The stones also increase dissolved oxygen content, dramatically reducing bacteria, pathogens, and reduces the impact of chlorine levels in the water.

Ready to take your shampoo experience to the next level while also reducing your impact on the environment? ECOHEADS Sprayers are better for your salon, better for your clients, better for the environment. Snag your ECOHEADS Sprayer today!

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