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Equipro Duo-Pil Precision Wax Heater

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The Equipro Maxi aluminum Wax Container For Hard Wax with two heat-proof handles and lid is made for use with the Solo-Pil Maxi Single Wax Warmer or Duo-Pil Maxi Dual Wax Warmer. This wax pot fits in a 6" tank opening. It's designed to hold hard (non-strip) wax beads.

  • for hot wax
  • aluminum container for Solo-Pil Maxi Single Wax Warmer or Duo-Pil Maxi Dual Wax Warmer
  • 2 heat-proof handles
  • capacity of 42 oz (holds about 2.5lbs of hard wax)

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The Equipro Duo-Pil Precision Wax Heater is a professional, thermostatically-controlled double wax warmer. The Duo-Pil Precision Wax Heater features two 4" tanks, each quipped with independent thermostats for precise temperature control. It's quality design features rapid and reliable heating to perfectly melt and maintain the temperature of depilatory wax for hair removal services.

  • for lukewarm and hot wax
  • 2 precise thermostats for independent temperature control
  • 2 tanks (both 4" diameter)
  • standard hot wax tank
  • 250 watts
  • rapid heating
  • container not included
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