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Equipro Multiderm 5 in 1 Facial Machine


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The compact Equipro Multiderm 5 in 1 Machine is equipped with the five most-used functions estheticians rely on to deliver effective facial treatments. This cost-effective unit features high frequency, galvanic, rotary brush, vacuum and spray, and comes with all the necessary accessories to perform a professional facial. Easy to use, the unit has a user-friendly touch pad and a precise digital display along with a retractable coil wire for easier movement. The sleek design takes up minimal space and is ideal for smaller treatment rooms or is a great option to take with you when giving home spa treatments.


  • 5 Functions in one compact unit: high frequency galvanic, rotary brush, vacuum, spray
  • Precise digital display with user friendly touch pad
  • HF and rotary brush with retractable coil wire for easier mobility


Included Accessories:

  • 1 Large mushroom violet, 1 small mushroom pink, 1 indirect massage, 1 hand held electrode
  • 2 Wires (1 red / 1 black)
  • 1 Disincrustor
  • Spontex sleeve for electrode, 2 Spontex sponges
  • Iontophores roller
  • 3 Brushes included: 2 natural soft bristles .75" and 1.5", 1 Natural firm bristle 1.5"
  • 1 Brush handle, 1 Spray jet vaporizer
  • 1 Additional plastic bottle, 2 plastic tubes, 1cupping glass adaptor
  • 3 Cupping glasses: 1 anti-wrinkle, 1 blackhead, 1 Facial massage

UL approved

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