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Gold Concentrate Ampoules Pack of 20 - 10 cc.

***FREE TRAINING when you purchase $4,000+ of Depileve brand products over a 12 month period. Call 888-332-0123 for details.*** Gold Concentrate is a hair growth inhibitor serum applied immediately after a hair removal treatment, taking advantage of pore dilation. Thanks to the Papaya and Vitamin E in the formula, this serum enhances the anti-keratinization process by weakening the hair, decreasing its thickness, and slowing down hair growth, all while leaving the skin fresh, soft, and moisturized. Gold Concentrate is applied immediately after waxing, when the pores are opened, in a circular massaging motion until it is entirely absorbed. If there is wax residue after hair removal treatment, apply the ampoule first and then the milk or oil cleanser. Recommended to be used for 1 week following treatment.
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