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Hair Removal Wax - Pearl Rosin - 14 oz.


***FREE TRAINING when you purchase $4,000+ of Depileve brand products over a 12 month period. Call 888-332-0123 for details.*** Beautifully fragranced with Magnolia, Pearl Rosin Hair Removal Wax is perfect for dry, flaking skin and sensitive areas. This pearly resin has been formulated with mica and titanium dioxide, allowing it to spread easily in a thin layer and cover large areas of the body. Pearl Rosin is extremely effective for removing tough hair, while also being silky smooth on the skin thanks to the anti-inflammatory and soothing ingredients in the formula. Other active ingredients include:

  • Natural pine resin used for its adhesive properties.
  • Mineral Oils: Work as plasticizing agents in the wax.
  • Vegetable Oil: This a natural emollient (softening action).
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