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SKU: 1500

Hooded Conditioning Dryer - Made in USA


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The Hooded Conditioning Dryer by Highland features:

-UL/CSA approved

-Adjustable Thermostat including Perm Setting

-Electronic 60-Minute Timer with Cool Down Period

-All-Lexan smoked Jumbo Inner & Outer Hoods

-Removable Air Filter

-Made in USA


Cabinet Dimensions: 12.25" W x 23.75" H x 6.5" D

Air Velocity: 375 / 400 CFM

Heat Output: Tested at 118 Volts, 8-8.5 Amps, 980 Watts

Thermostat Setting Temperatures: Low 85-90 Degrees, Medium 98-110 Degrees, Perm 140 + Degrees

BTU / Hour = 3334

Electrical Rating: UL and CSA Approved

120 VAC, 60 Cycle, 8.0 Amps

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