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ECOHEADS Hose for Shampoo Systems

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ECOHEADS Vacuum Breaker Adapter Plate. This part is only needed if you have a ECOHEAD hose and sprayer and a vacuum Breaker.

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The ECOHEADS Hose is the preferred hose for the ECOHEADS Sprayer. The hose is made of a woven nylon fabric for increased flexibility. It also features reinforced clamps on both ends for durability.

All Minerva Beauty shampoo systems equipped with the standard sprayer will require an ECOHEADS Hose to upgrade your shampoo bowl to an ECOHEADS Sprayer. The standard sprayer includes a black hose that is built into the spray head.

If you already have the Minerva Premium Soft Spray Hose with the silver hose, you will not need the ECOHEADS Hose. You can easily replace just the head of your current sprayer with the ECOHEADS Sprayer.

Fitting: 15 mm Male x 1/2" Female (Standard U.S. Fitting)
Length: 40" long
Material: Braided Nylon
Required to upgrade the standard hose and sprayer system that comes with most Minerva Beauty shampoo systems
Not required if you're system is already equipped with the Minerva Premium Spray Hose

To learn more about the ECOHEADS Sprayer and its extensive benefits for your salon, spa, or barbershop, click here.

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