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Leather & Vinyl Cleaner - 24oz.

The First Step in Salon Furniture Safety
Per EPA guidelines the first step in effective sanitization is to clean with soap or detergent to physically remove any dirt, organic matter, and most germs before disinfection. 
Our Salon Furniture Cleaners were created to effectively remove any salon specific product build up (hairsprays, gels, and shampoo residue) and ensure that organic matter is not hidden from the disinfectant when applied. Because your salon furniture is a valuable investment and also an important symbol of the health of your business, our Salon Furniture Cleaners are designed to be a powerful nontoxic alternative to harsh chemical based cleaners that ruin chair materials by drying, cracking, and delamination.
  • Designed for safe cleaning between clients and before disinfection
  • Removes product buildup i.e. Hairsprays, Gels, and Shampoo residue that can be a hiding place for germs
  • Cleaner is safe for vinyl (safer on vinyl than ammonia or alcohol-based cleaners)
  • Made from coconut oil
  • Active ingredients: sodium cocoate and plant-based tallow.
  • Preps Salon Furniture For Proper Disinfection
  • Keeps equipment sanitary, clean, and in new condition helping to maintain a superior customer experience
  • Environmentally friendly to protect you and the environment
  • 24 oz bottle
  • Made In The USA
  • Instructions for use
    • For daily use to keep surface clean - spray cleaner on surface and wipe with damp cloth or sponge
    • For heavy dirt spray on and let sit for 1 min then use a white webbed scrub sponge and wipe when done, for dried hairspray repetition might be necessary.
    • As a rule, ink on leather and vinyl does not come off DO NOT USE ON RAW LEATHER OR SUEDE
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