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A Salon Owner's Guide to Wealth: How to Run a Profitable Salon and Make Big Money


A Salon Owner’s Guide to Wealth Everything you need to know about selling retail and running a profitable salon! This is “the” Start up Guide For Opening, Running and Managing a Successful Retail Salon Finally a book that will enable a beauty salon to make money! Endorsed by all the L’Oreal brands and the Professional Beauty Association. A must read for every salon owner who wants to make money in the salon business.

Ready, Set, Go! Books leaves no stone unturned in this step by step guide that guarantee’s you will make money in your salon by following the easy steps outlined in this book. This book includes design plans, profit-making strategies and money-making promotions that are easy to implement.

Do your salon’s clients buy their shampoo at the grocery store? If they do, shame on you. Buy this book and learn how to bring their business back to your salon and make your business into a retail moneymaker. Selling Retail Made Easy

- Every detail to lead you to success

- Avoid costly mistakes

- Retail success tips from the pros

- Gain the financial success others wish they had

From the Book Introduction Selling retail, especially in the beauty industry, isn’t rocket science. Your clients come to you to look and feel better, they like the way you do their hair (or nails or whatever other services you offer). Your clients come to you looking for product advice. What if instead of sending them (and their money) to another store, you directed them to the product you have on hand? The very one they just used. The one and only product that will deliver the results they need. The one you’re going to spend five minutes demonstrating to them and teaching them how to use before they leave your salon. If you do this – demonstrate a product’s use, value and benefits to your client – you can almost guarantee yourself a long-term income from product sales to your client. Once they see you as the authority and resource you are, they’ll trust you for their beauty products, and that means more income per client per year. Let’s say you see 20 clients a day and they spend an average of $5 additional dollars each on a retail product in your salon, that would get you $500 extra a week (we’re assuming you’re open five days). Or $2,000 a month. Or $25,000 a year (we gave you a two week, paid vacation). What would that extra income cover? Your rent? The mortgage on your house? College tuition for your kids or new car or vacation of a lifetime fund? Would it help you hire another stylist, expand your salon or increase business in some other way? If a thought about how you could use an additional $25,000 a year popped into your head, this book is for you. If you want to open a successful salon with a strong retail focus, this book is for you.

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