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The Ping X: ECOHEADS Hair Color Electric Mixer


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ECOHEADS provide smart products with unique designs that utilize the hairstylist's time, finance, and client service. ECOHEADS is dedicated to conserving the environment and introducing our industry to more environmentally friendly solutions for a sustainable future.


Transform the way you think about mixing color with The Ping X by ECOHEADS. This innovative hair color electric mixer's unique design provides more coverage with less product, reducing color usage by up to 30% and chemical waste by up to 20%. Equipped with 2 mixing blades, 2 motor speed functions (normal and slow), and 1 high-quality USB cable that reduces charging time by up to 50%, the Ping X is designed so most of your product ends up in the bowl, reducing waste, while ensuring a consistent mix every time with better chemical bondage for a smooth application and even distribution. Now offered with a third time function of 120 seconds, the Ping X Hair Color Electric Mixer can easily and efficiently mix thicker mixtures such as bleaching powders. Since fumes are kept within the mixer, the Ping X provides fume-free mixing, keeping the color area odor-free and healthier for you, your staff, and your clients. More innovative and sustainable features and benefits of the Ping X include:

  • Each Ping X eco-friendly package contains:
    • 4x Bowls: The convenience of having 4x bowls means that you can mix as many colors, or bleach as you want whilst creating your masterpiece.
    • 6x Brushes: Perfect for effortless application of color or bleach to hair.
    • 1x Spatula
    • 2x Mixing Blades: Get the smoothest and most consistent blend every time. Designed so that most of your product ends up in the bowl and not wasted.
    • 1x High quality USB Cable: High-quality charging cable that now reduces charging time by up to 50% so you can get back to your client sooner!
  • A third time speed for powder lightener
  • Charging time improved with USB fast charger
  • Two motor speed functions; Normal and Slow
  • Fume-free mixing
  • Up to 30% color saving
  • Up to 20% waste reduction
  • 100% color consistency


  1. For the best results, pour in peroxide first before the color/tint.
  2. Larger amounts of color require longer mixing times. For mixes consisting of 30g - 60g mix for 45 seconds. Any mix over 60 g should be mixed for 75 seconds.
  3. The Ping holds a full-power 90-minute charge.
  4. If the operations need to be stopped mid-mix, press the power button.
  5. A magnetic sensor is located inside The Ping's mixing bowls. If the body and the bowl are separated, the operation will stop.


After mixing, using a brush or spatula to wipe off excess color from the lid, wipe the top of The Ping with a damp towel covering the charging port and pointing all lights and electrical components away from any water.


The Ping should NEVER be immersed in water.

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