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SKU: Z-LIT-003

The Salon Building Bible: Ready-To-Use Floor Plans, Designs and Start-up Costs


Includes all start-up costs and actual floor plans that you can modify to suit your own location broken down to the penny.

• Five-Point Salon Design System

• Construction Costs

• Furniture & Equipment Costs

• Salon Floor Plans Do you have dreams of owning a successful salon?

Ready, Set, Go! The Salon Building Bible will set you on a path that will enable you to design a salon that meets your needs and fits your budget. Authors, Eric Ryant and Jeff Grissler, felt that one of the biggest expenses and challenges faced by new owners was floor plans and estimating start-up costs. Therefore, they did what no other book in the industry has done—they provided ready-to-use floor plans and designs from an award-winning salon designer. Each plan details the construction and materials costs—along with the furniture and equipment needs required for each plan. Let Eric and Jeff guide you through your salon startup or remodel.

• Plan your project based on advice of leading salon design experts and salon owners.

• Avoid unnecessary costs with architects and designers and get a jump start by using the Ready,Set, Go!Five-Point designs and advice in this book.

• Benefit from step-by-step guidance for designing, building, or remodeling your salon.

• Know exactly what your start-up costs will be down to the penny.

• Save money with the years of industry knowledge and tips that are packed into this book.

The Salon Building Bible will make your salon dream a reality, while helping you create a design and budget to control costs, keep your project on time, increase your ability to succeed, and generate profits sooner!

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