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10 Best Holiday Gifts for Hairstylists

Christmas gift ideas for hair stylists

Are you struggling to find the perfect gift for the hairdresser in your life? Or are you a salon owner wanting to wow your team with gifts they’ll enjoy for years to come? Look no further than Minerva Beauty’s list of the 10 best holiday gifts for hairstylists!

Want even more ideas? Browse our full Holiday Gift Guide. From social media friendly ring lights to LED salon mirrors and styling tools, our Holiday Gift Guide is packed with a variety of items that will make shopping for the beauty professional in your life a whole lot easier. Check out the top 10 holiday gifts below, then shop our entire Holiday Gift Guide to give hair stylists, makeup gurus, and salon, spa, and barber professionals alike a gift you know they’ll love.

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Aura LED Ring Light

The best way to choose a color is to see the color! The Aura LED Ring Light features high CRI that allows you to work in perfect daylight wherever you are, and the ring design gives an even and shadowless distribution of light. This ring light is social media friendly with a mobile phone holder for YouTubers and Vloggers - the Aura is also lightweight and folds into its carry-bag.

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Minerva BI-5000 Professional Italian Blow Dryer

The Minerva BI-5000 is a revolutionary, 100% Italian-made blow dryer. It’s powerful, light weight, and extremely durable (Seriously, it’s drop proof!) with almost double the lifespan of most professional blow dryers—all at a price you can afford. The BI-5000 is available in black, pink, red, or gold.

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Caliber Pro .44 Mag: Full Metal Jacket

The Caliber .44 Magnum FMJ is the clipper that truly goes the distance. It's equipped with a 3200mAh Li-ion battery, which provides an outstanding 5 hours of running time. The Caliber .44 also features a premium motor (8200 rpm), low noise technology, dual DLC-Diamond Like metal 440C Japanese steel blades, a digital display, and metal click lever precise adjustment system. Be the buzz of the barbershop with the Caliber .44 Magnum FMJ.

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Colortrak Aurora Croc Clips (4 pack)

Light up your color stations with these shimmering Aurora Croc Clips! Designed with a beautiful gradient metallic finish, the 4 pack of Aurora Croc Clips include two 4.5" Standard Croc Clips and two 5.5" Jumbo Croc Clips (easy for larger sections of hair). Each Croc Clip features a unique double-hinged design and ergonomic thumb-grips for enhanced comfort. Enjoy functional quality and a whole lot of shimmer and shine with the 4 pack of Aurora Croc Clips.

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Elogy Mobile Stylist Color Cart

A great multi-purpose, Italian-made cart for stylists and colorists, the Elogy features 6 drawers that are accessible from either side, two removable accessory baskets, two dual color bowl/cup holders, smooth-glide slimline wheels, and a large collapsible top workspace. It is also color proof and water proof and available in white, brown/black, white/cappuccino, black, and black/cappuccino.

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Watson Salon Service Tray

Enhance mobility, style, and functionality in your salon with the Watson Service Tray. The Watson Salon Service Tray features a collapsible tray with tray handle and an outward facing wheel kit for easy storage. The Watson includes a cushioned vinyl backing for a polished look and is available in black, stainless steel, and gold.

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Gabello Stain-Proof Cutting Stool

The Gabello is ergonomically designed and contoured to fit and secure your torso while cutting in a seated position. Great for use as a cutting stool or a general tech stool for skin care, pedicures and other treatments. Sturdy construction, pneumatic height adjustment and smooth-gliding wheels make the Gabello an ideal all-purpose salon stool. The Gabello is made in Italy and available in black and translucent white.

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Alba LED Full Length Mirror

Bring luxurious style, top-of-the-line quality, and color correct lighting to your space with the Alba Full Length Rectangle LED Salon Mirror. Made in the USA, the Alba is equipped with 90+ CRI "True Color" lighting that renders more color than typical indoor fluorescent or LED lighting for a more accurate image. For stronger task-lighting, this 30" x 72" mirror features full length LEDs on both sides of the elegant rectangle frame that provide direct color correct lighting. Detailed with edge frost, this mirror features 4000k white light, 40,000 hours of energy efficient lighting, and is controlled by a dimming or non-dimming wall switch (available at most home improvement stores). The low wattage allows for individual control or multiple mirrors connected to a single switch. Illuminate and elevate your salon, spa, or barbershop with the Alba Full Length Rectangle LED Salon Mirror.

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EyeVac Pro Electronic Dustpan

Cleaning hard floors has never been easier! With the Eye-Vac Pro, simply sweep up to the infrared sensors at the base of the unit and automatically hair, dust, and all debris will be suctioned into the easy to dump canister. Eye-Vac Pro is a proven best seller in the hair salon / beauty supply industry, where sweeping is all day job. For anyone with pets or mobility concerns, the Eye-Vac Professional will make your cleaning life easier and avoid the laborious task of bending down to gather debris. Choose your Eye-Vac setting for an "always on" Automatic activation, or switch to Manual mode at your convenience. The Status Indicator will light up "red" when the canister is ready to be emptied.

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Minerva 32” Barber Pole

The Minerva 32” Barber Pole is an affordable way to display your barber heritage! Our barber pole features a 7” globe, 2 lights (pole and globe), and separate switches for lights and rotation. The Minerva 32” Barber Pole is for indoor use only and is equipped with 22W/120V. Give your barbershop the touch of classic style it deserves with the Minerva 32” Barber Pole.

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