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2023 Salon Interior Design Trends

2023 Salon Interior Design Trends

As we look forward to 2023 and all the promise that it brings, reflection on the past year can establish the turning point for what styles and must-have elements will be trending in the world of salon and spa interior design. In terms of events, 2022 has been a year marked with inflation and money concerns. It also has been an inclusive minded year open to more types of personalities and cultural influences. In terms of style and attitude, “The bohemian” made its mark on society, influencing everything from philosophy to fashion and interior design. There is real movement in living and loving the planet. Consignment shopping, antiquing, embracing natural materials are behaviors that are and will continue to be celebrated in 2023. Mixing organic patterns with ethnic motifs and textures lays out a style board that honors the boho while moving us into the future. How does all this translate into interior spaces? Continue reading to see what’s on the horizon for 2023 interior design trends, and gain inspiration on the must-have styles to implement in your salon or spa!

Small Moments

Small areas with dramatic touches are making a big splash on the 2023 scene of interior design trends. Creating captivating nooks or tiny areas that evoke a moment of magic and delight not only serve as a stylish background for zoom meetings but are also picture-worthy spaces clients want to instantly capture and upload to social media, effortlessly promoting and marketing your salon or spa business. This serves the tighter budgets we are all experiencing from the economic downturns while still pushing joy out to the greater world. For many years, ethereal light whites and brights have been center stage in the world of interior design trends. To create these insta-ready small moments in a space, a gravitation towards the opposite, the dark and sophisticated, can create an attention-grabbing effect that clients can’t help but say “wow”.

These warm camel Avant Shampoo Systems with white bowls and ottomans nicely tuck into the beautiful feature wall with dark alluring wallcovering. The Alchemists Salon | Albany, NY
While customers are seated in the ergonomic Venturi Salon Styling Chair in Arctic Silver, they find focus on the dark fireplace mantle feature that instantly grounds the open salon area. Pink Soda Blow Dry Bar & Salon | Nashville, TN
This is a cozy nook with vintage seating that capitalizes on a treasured spot in the space while fostering the consignment culture. Moonstone Studio | Wall, NJ

Dynamic Ocean Tones

In addition to the dark and stormy color palette, the color of earth interior trend for 2023 is in the blues with movement and gradients. Blue tones that are sophisticated with mixed grays or that create a fresh vibe with greens creating an aqua can really set different moods. One for relaxing, the other for reviving.

The Nautilus Shampoo Systems in this “loungy” plaster like navy corner help people lay back and relax. The color isn’t flat and consistent, there is texture and movement setting a soothing tone. Mabel Salon | Tucson, AZ
This is a high-end hospitality space with cobalt blue introduced through light which is always dynamic. It never stays static as people walk across and leave their shadows trailing. A very clever way to play with color indeed.
Simply selecting a glossy finish in paint adds momentum in space through interaction. The whole room being treated as one plane in terms of color adds volume and richness to seating areas.
This teal salon storage system with shaker trim provides a nice refreshing backdrop to the styling stations paired with camel Aviator Salon Styling Chairs and Granger Salon Service Trays in brushed gold. The aqua is a perfect blending of green and blue to make the space refreshed. Sundance Salon | Edmond, OK

Working with blues is an easy 2023 design trend for salon interiors that both provide space for relaxation and recuperation.

Textured Tile

Practical but beautiful opportunities in the shampoo areas emerge with textured tiles. By nature, tile is durable and super cleanable which is beneficial for every salon or spa environment. With TEXTURE being introduced into your salon interior design, a new layer of interest is created by color moving with the play of light.

It is easy to incorporate tile in a feature wall or branding moment. For instance, take a look at the beautiful pink tile laid out whimsically, dressing up the plain white wall in the shampoo area below.

This hard surface statement feature nicely supports the black Avant Shampoo Systems with white bowls…can we say, “form and function?” Hair Canvas Salon | Milford, CT
The glass textured gray tiles in this shampoo area adds an orderly pattern while introducing colors reflecting off them. The Loft Hair Studio | Kingston, ON
These tiles are shown in the various tones of white, adding both dimension and volume to the shampoo area of the salon by being applied vertically. Glow Hair Co. | Idaho Falls, ID


This past year has seen the ease that is brought on through curves and organic forms in a space. Naturally, this is finding a classic and orderly way to grace salon interiors with arches, one of the upcoming design trends to look forward to in 2023. It can be used in openings between rooms throughout the salon, as displays that showcase retail products, or painted on the wall to frame a shampoo system, color processing area, or a stylist’s workstation.

Here you see an opening to a shampoo zone being highlighted with an arch that is trimmed in glossy textured tile. Arches are a great tool to experience progression throughout a space. This archway into a salon’s shampoo oasis also has lighting housed in it. Even if it is not an architectural detail in the interior, arches can grace the space in graphics or details. Mero Mero Salon | Los Angeles, CA
The pictured salon mirror, similar to the design of Minerva’s Maitland mirror, gracefully adds a sense of softness with a clean concise arch while being framed by a blush arch. The paint effect nicely trims out each styling stations’ mirror. The whole setup nicely complements the Corsa Salon Styling Chairs in camel that have elegant curves to harmonize with this trend. Ritual Hair Company | Raleigh, NC


With the pulse on the Earth, placing elements of our planet directly in interiors increases our innate comforts. Rattan is showing up in furnishings, fixtures, and architectural treatments as well as a top interior trend to implement into your salon or spa in 2023. It warms up a space and beckons to our creature comforts.

In a dramatic way, it is sculpted in this restaurant instantly drawing customers to the dining area with a layer of organic softness.
The rattan ottomans and salon lighting provides a layer of warmth in this shampoo area. Kalon Salon + Extension Bar | West Bend, WI
Lighting is an unexpected place to introduce rattan in spaces, but it instantly adds dimension to a salon’s interior.
Here is another great shot of the rattan elements turning up the volume on comfort, paired alongside the earthy, olive green Kiro Technician Stool and soft cashmere Avant Ultra Shampoo System. Duralia’s Salon & Shop | Grand Forks, BC

All these 2023 interior design trends are really a product of what is going on today. To get more out of spaces, creating special spots makes memorable zones in your salon or spa environment. Playing with blues and dark tones turns up the lux and drama while adding dynamic dimension. Adding more complexity and non-static elements like textured glossy tile can add a layer of interest. Arches gracefully embrace rounded forms and go back to an old-world order. Warming up interiors with Rattan softens any durable and hard surface zones. Both Arches and Rattan play into the popular Boho attitude and style which continues to be chic and trendy in the upcoming year.

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