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2024 Salon Design Trends

hair salon interior featuring 2024 design trends

In 2024, design trends for salon interiors evolve to embrace a blend of modern innovation and timeless elements. Neutral color palettes dominate high style, with hues such as cream or alabaster evoking a serene and versatile space. Technology dominates our way of life, thus it is discreetly woven into the design for both aesthetic and functional purposes. The commitment to the environment is a strong constant lending itself to sustainable and eco-friendly materials, for instance the limewashed finish for walls where mineral binding additives create a nontoxic finish. Biophilic design (Biophillia), connecting spaces with nature, gains prominence, fostering a sense of well-being. This can be supported by the ever growing Wabi Sabi movement, where perfect and imperfect meet as in nature. In addition the curves and arches play up what is found in nature as well and stay relevant in 2024. Statement lighting fixtures and bold, artistic accents add character to minimalist designs. Overall, 2024 interior design trends celebrate a harmonious blend of sustainability, functionality, and aesthetics, offering a diverse array of inspirations for creating inviting and sophisticated living environments.


Salon spaces being areas of tranquility can play up the neutrals to highlight serenity.

spacious lounge room with white carpeting, walls and sofas, low wooden side tables and minimalist decor

The white oak mixed with the tone on tone creams and curved furnishings beckon comfort. The arched entry cladded in white oak is a well finished touch to the room.

three all-white shampoo backwash stations with thatched pendant lighting and ottoman footrests

The ivory Avant shampoo systems with white bowls are complimented with crocheted ottomans. This wet zone is pristine with the overall alabaster composition of the space.

Biophilia & Wabi Sabi

Kindness to the Earth has become a part of our consciousness. Sustainable design and sustainably manufactured goods that celebrate the organic is how people live today and is a part of how a space is composed. Organic forms and plant life grace our spaces. Our need to include nature and natural forms is biophilia. Wabi Sabi interiors not only supports sustainability, but embraces nature.

shampoo sidewash stations with a floral wall and retail products

The first salon is cheerful with the floral shampoo zone with its Vantage Stainless Steel Shampoo System with White Bowl in Saddle, a neutral color for any space. This instantly becomes a statement zone where you could take a picture while honoring nature.

hair salon styling station with curved mirror, wall shelf and black styling chair

The second salon features the styling zone with an organic mirror hung on limewashed walls. The Vantage styling chair in black with round chrome stand helps settle a focal point with elegant curves and functionality. The limewashed walls lend to a texture that can be found in Wabi Sabi interiors, a movement from Japan that celebrates the imperfections of natural materials.

kitchen interior with retro-style SMEG refrigerator, quartz countertop and backsplash and fluted walnut cabinets

The fluted cabinets in walnut celebrate the grains and knots in the wood and is repeated in the shelving and trim in this kitchen.

minimalist bedroom with black and white bedding and built-in shelving around bed

This bedroom has beautiful limewashed walls in oatmeal finding the nature on the otherwise flat walls.

salon styling station with fluted wood exterior and round mirror

Easily achieve this 2024 interior design trend in your salon space by incorporating fluted furnishings, such as the Bernhardt Styling Station and other pieces in Minerva’s Mid Century Modern Collection.

teal tiled wall being cleaned by hand holding a blue sponge

Zellige tiles that predate subway tiles can play into the Wabi Sabi movement because they tend to be handmade, thus no two are alike. They are ceramic and can be glazed or unglazed.

hair salon shampoo area with brown wall tiles, three camel shampoo backwash units and wall shelves with products and towels

This wet zone is appropriately tiled with zellige tiles on a vertical stack that create a warm backdrop for the walnut shelving and Avant shampoo stations in Cashmere. Wabi sabi interiors are welcoming and therapeutic, perfect for salon interiors.

Arches and curves

With a focus on nature, one may notice that straight lines are rarely found, and curves cannot be avoided. The curves and arches that have been the form of furniture and architectural details of the year past will continue through.

large hair salon with six styling stations and four color processing stations

The arched nooks where the dryer stations sit is an elegant solution to creating a sound trap to separate from the styling zones. Clients can relax on the Venturi Salon chairs in Cashmere which is a nice neutral. The Medusa infrared processors are a functional yet sculptural addition to the nooks.

Integrated Tech

We live in a tech driven world, but as far as a completed space is concerned the more seamless the technology is the better. The word we are looking for is integrated. Homes have smart automation controlling lights, temperature, security, and entertainment all from a phone. Public places all have communal tables where charging is built in.

kitchen interior with retro-style SMEG refrigerator, quartz countertop and backsplash and fluted walnut cabinets

This is an example of a table and bluetooth speaker. Minerva offers a variety of LED integrated salon mirrors that can complete a stylist’s station while serving as a light to correctly display the style and color of your client.

salon styling station with LED mirror, storage drawers and pale green salon chair

The Sola square LED mirror is a nice two in one when it comes to your space.

salon styling station with black chair and large arched LED mirror

Large arched LED mirrors are a great way to bring organic shapes and more light into your salon.

four electric shampoo sidewash units with cabinets above full of towels and a large mirror at the end of the room

Minerva offers the Makara Electric Shampoo System which allows the stylist to recline the chair into the shampoo bowl with a foot control, providing luxurious comfort and unmatched functionality at the bowl for both stylists and clients.

hair salon interior with beige chairs, oval mirrors and wall-mounted styling stations

This interior captures an overview on 2024 trends to look for. The limewashed walls nicely adds texture to a grounding plane. The oval LED mirrors display integrated technology and curve appeal. The neutral palette with the ivory styling stations, ivory Maranello styling chairs adds to the serenity of the space. The wood grain in the flooring would be described as a Wabi Sabi moment enjoying a call to nature.

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