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5 Trending Salon Services You May Not Have Heard Of

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There’s no denying the endless popularity of standard-fare services like haircuts, highlights, balayage, and the likethese are our “bread and butter” services, after all — but salon owners might be surprised to find that clients are willing to shell out big bucks for more out-of-the-box services. These standalone and add-on services are great for enticing new clients and getting your existing ones to spend more time at the salon.

If you’re looking to create some buzz around your establishment and draw in some new clients, consider the brilliant service offerings below. 

1. Scalp Renew — Scalp renewal treatments exfoliate the skin on the scalp to encourage the regeneration of new cells for happier, healthier hair growth. The perfect treatment for men and women, you can offer this in-salon and then fill your retail displays with home maintenance treatments. This is also a great service to offer your bald and balding clients. Be sure to offer this service as an add-on to cuts, colors and blow-outs. As your clients receive this service, they will spend extra time at the shampoo bowl. Make sure your shampoo systems are comfortable for your clients to have a relaxing experience.

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Avant Shampoo System

The Avant Shampoo System is one of our most popular and comfortable shampoo systems. Its sleek design makes it a must-have in every salon setting. Available in multiple color options.

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Mykonos Shampoo System

The luxurious and comfortable Mykonos Shampoo System will transform your salon into a relaxing oasis. Features patented anti-gravity auto-recline mechanism, a removable black powder-coated footrest, and a white ceramic tilting bowl equipped with a premium gel neck rest.

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Avery Shampoo System

Combining exceptional comfort, style and functionality, the Avery Shampoo System is guaranteed to enhance your salon. Available in multiple color options.

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Makara Electric Shampoo System

Give your clients the high-end, spa-like experience they’ve been looking for with the Makara Electric Shampoo System. Featuring full recline into the shampoo bowl and silicone-infused headrest.

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Cayman Shampoo System

Elevate the look of your salon and the client’s experience with The Cayman Shampoo System. Featuring high-density foam cushioning with memory for maximum comfort.


Hashima Shampoo System

The Hashima Shampoo System is completely covered in smooth vinyl and features high-density foam cushioning with memory for maximum comfort and style. Available in multiple color options.

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2. Lash Lift — Lashes are everything right now and clients are willing to pay whatever it takes for the perfect ones. Enter the lash lift! This hot treatment involves using a tiny curling rod and a lifting solution to provide lashes with a natural boost for four to six weeks. This is an excellent ongoing service offering that can help you generate repeat revenue. As an added bonus, it’s fairly easy to learn, so even new stylists will want to offer it to their clients.

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3. Volumizing Treatments — Here’s another excellent hair treatment that you can use to pad your retail sales. Starting at just $20, this simple treatment involves using premium products and tools to volumize hair. It’s perfect for offering as a premium add-on to cuts and blowouts, especially for clients who struggle with keeping hair looking lively and voluminous.

4. Quick and Easy Eyebrow Tint — Chances are, if you specialize in hair or waxing, you already offer the brow tint as part of your standard menu. But have you ever thought about advertising it as a quick, standalone service? This simple and easy service can shave years off your guest’s look, and it only takes a few minutes.

5. Makeup Lessons — If you’ve got a few makeup pros on staff, consider offering in-salon tutorials to teach guests how to do their own makeup at home. One-on-one lessons tailored to individuals go for as much as $100 per hour and make great opportunities for upselling retail products.

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These treatments are great for generating brand-new buzz around your salon and upselling your current client base. These services will get people talking and come with a bonus: They don’t require any hard-to-find tools! Minerva is here to help by providing you with the right salon equipment you need to offer a well-rounded menu to catch the eye of new clients and keep your regulars happy at the same time.

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