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5 Trending Spa Services You Should Know Of

face mask

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Are you looking to add new and trendy services to your spa’s offering? It’s always a good idea and smart business move to adapt to the times by offering services that people are requesting. 

These spa services and treatments are designed to make clients feel refreshed, rejuvenated and relaxed. While they are all very unique and different, you can probably accommodate each treatment with the spa furniture and products you have currently. You will want to offer these services to your clientele as soon as possible since these treatments are highly relevant and effective.

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1. Seaweed Facial

Facials are some of the most high-return services you can offer in your spa because they don’t require tons of equipment or in-depth training. Get people interested with unique options like the seaweed facial, which pumps natural vitamins and minerals into the face to help renew and replenish skin so it looks brighter and healthier instantly. Also, make sure your facial steamer is working properly so that your clients are getting the most out of their visit.

2. Maskne Treatments

Another amazing premium treatment that has been increasingly popular is the maskne treatment. This facial was made to effectively treat the frustratingly breakout-prone area around where you wear a mask. Clients who suffer from maskne have dry skin and clogged pores from wearing a mask at all times. These treatments exfoliate the skin and deeply moisturize it, reducing the appearance of acne and leaving skin feeling fresh and clean. Because we may be wearing masks for the foreseeable future, this treatment will be popular for a long while. So get your skin care equipment ready for treatments!

3. CBD Massage

You already know that consumers are buying up CBD products like crazy, so it probably won’t surprise you to learn that many salons are working the compound into their offerings as well. One great way to take advantage of the CBD trend is by using CBD-infused massage oil as part of a relaxing massage menu item. You might also consider offering CBD facials. While CBD is usually ingested, it also makes a great topical treatment. You can sell your clients on this massage by teaching them about the benefits of CBD in topical use. 

4. LED Light Therapy

Your customers want relaxing but rewarding service offerings and nothing relaxes and rewards like a LED light treatment. This kind of therapy can help enhance collagen production, which can, in turn, minimize wrinkles, reduce visual damage and encourage firmer, more elastic skin. Clients can relax on a comfortable massage table while LED lights are shined on them from above, inducing relaxation. Typically, red and blue LED lights are the most effective in targeting signs of aging and reducing the appearance of acne and any scarring that comes with it. Make sure you are using up-to-date esthetician equipment and light therapy methods.

massage with colored crystals

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5. Crystal Massage

Crystals are very trendy right now, and they’re a must to work into your modern salon. Practitioners believe that crystals should be used in massage sessions to help clear, energize and balance. Whether they change the vibes of the room or not, they sure are pretty – and that’s good enough for us! We have seen crystal massages that aim to boost energy, deepen love, raise intuition and those that claim to detoxify your system.

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Are these services something you could see your spa offering? If so, there is a huge premium that comes along with these treatments. Because they are so high in demand and some of the treatments require special skills, you can charge extra for them. Offering this specialty service can boost your clients and your spa’s reputation. 

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Don’t forget to broadcast that you are now offering these services on your social media accounts so that your clientele can get interested in them. You can also offer education on the different types of treatments, as well as their benefits, through attention-grabbing infographics posted to your social media pages. Take short and informative videos of your estheticians talking about these services, which will add a personal touch. You can also feature clients who loved their experience. Using social media to amplify these treatments will help you boost their popularity. 

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