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6 Reasons Why Salon Interior Designers Love the Designer Series

6 Reasons Why Salon Interior Designers Love the Designer Series

Interior designers are constantly seeking ways to create truly unique spaces for their clients. In salons and spas, it can be even more challenging as you have to find pieces that make a statement but are also functional for the stylist or esthetician. Minerva Beauty has over 10,000 products to choose from to make this easier for spa and salon interior designers, but our newest collection really gives interior designers creative flexibility. The Minerva Beauty Designer Series Collection features premium salon and spa furnishings that effortlessly blend both style and functionality. With the ability to personalize the body laminate color, handles, toekicks, countertops, and more, the Designer Series will bring the wow-factor to any salon interior design. Check out the 6 reasons commercial interior designers love the Designer Series.

1. Easy to Style:

The Designer Series is as polished as it is minimal. With acute attention to detail, each piece from the collection creates salon interior solutions that celebrate craftsmanship and timeless design. The sleek, unembellished silhouettes offer a visually clean, high-end look that complements modern spaces, but the simplicity of each piece makes it easy to incorporate into any interior—regardless of aesthetic. While the pieces work great individually, the collection is meant to be paired together and can be combined in various ways to accommodate many different needs. If your interest hasn't peaked yet, perhaps the best part of all is the wide variety of finishes available. Color combinations are truly endless, and the price point is incredibly attractive for such high-quality furnishings that will be sure to stay on-trend for years to come.

2. Highly Customizable:

With 19+ body laminate color options, a variety of finishes, and brushed metal accents such as gold, nickel, and black, Minerva’s Designer Series can be personalized to perfectly align with your design vision. While there are plenty of color combinations to mix and match, if you cannot create the look you have in mind with the available finishes, you can simply contact Minerva to inquire about one-of-a-kind color options.

Designer Series Swatches

3. Interchangeable Mirrors:

There is no denying the Designer Series offers flexibility when it comes to style preferences and what’s best suited for the environment in question. The mirror selection is no different. Mix and match any of the stunning mirrors with the styling station options to truly elevate your look. From thin delicate frames, as seen on the full-length Ravenel and Carlisle salon mirrors, to bold rectangle frames with LED lighting incorporated as seen on the Aventura, you are sure to bring your salon design vision to life.

4. Plenty of Storage:

Clients will love the practicality of the Designer Series. We all know a top concern when it comes to function is storage. This collection hits the nail on the head by providing ample storage for your styling, processing, and shampoo areas as well as your reception area. Each piece in the Designer Series collection is expertly designed to keep a salon organized, efficient, and pristine – all while doing so in a stunningly sleek fashion.


Designer Series Styling Stations

The styling stations provide plenty of drawer and countertop space and some even have an optional appliance drawer insert to help keep your stylists’ hot tools organized. For maximum storage, check out the Waverly Double Sided Styling Station

Shop Styling Stations

Designer Series Color Storage

The Broadway Color Bar and Color Racks are perfect for organizing tubes or bottles of hair color while the color bar lower cabinets provide storage for extra product and tools.

Shop Color Storage

Designer Series Shampoo Area Storage

As for the salon shampoo area, utilize the shampoo cabinets such as the Laguna or the Biscayne to keep towels clean and tidy as well as provide a countertop for products you need handy at the shampoo bowl.

Shop Shampoo Area Storage

Designer Series Retail & Reception

Featuring a cabinet to keep overstock at the bottom of the unit, the Brighton Retail Display is a stunning way to display retail product. Even the reception desks like the Quantico are designed to help keep your workspace organized.

Shop Retail & Reception

5. LED Light Strips for Highlighting Retail or Creating Ambient Light:

Lighting may seem like an afterthought when it comes to the overall design of a space, but interior designers know it can make or break the efficiency and general ambiance of an interior—especially in a salon environment where hair color needs to be accurate and retail should catch the eye of potential buyers. Thus, interior designers will be pleased to discover that several pieces in the collection feature LED light strips to help achieve optimal lighting in a salon setting. When equipped with LED light strips, products will catch the eye of every client when showcased on the Palermo or Brighton retail displays. Add the Haven Wall Panel with LED lighting behind styling stations to create a gorgeous statement. The soft glow of ambient light will surely impress everyone who walks into the salon. Utilize one of the many LED backlit mirrors from the collection to provide even more ambient light and create an environment where clients know they are about to be pampered.

6. ADA Conscious Reception Desks:

Whether you choose to outfit a salon with the sleek Quantico Reception Desk or the classic Sausalito Reception Desk, each features a multilevel client-facing countertop complete with an ADA-compliant shelf. Not only will these spa and salon reception desks make a statement, but they will meet commercial guidelines. Be sure guests’ first impressions reflect the caliber of services and support they will receive upon entering your salon or spa. As you can see, the Designer Series gives any commercial interior designer an edge when it comes to designing a salon or spa that goes beyond average. For those looking to create a space that screams luxury, the Designer Series is your first step towards creating the vibe you’re looking for. Shop the full collection here and give us a call at 888-332-0123 should you have any questions.

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