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7 Ways to Make a Statement Wall in Your Salon

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A statement wall is a perfect way to create intrigue and add visual interest. Also referred to as a feature wall or accent wall—your salon, spa or barbershop will shine with such an eye-catching design choice. The possibilities are endless when it comes to accent wall style. Your philosophy may be to “go big or go home” or you may want to take a more simplistic approach. Either way, there are many ways it can be done to pair seamlessly with your salon equipment. From paint to wallpaper, to architectural detail—you can have fun with a variety of colors, materials, and textures to achieve your desired look.



1. Paint:

One of the easiest and most budget-friendly ways to create an accent wall is by using paint. Whether it’s a solid accent wall in a contrasting color, or an artist’s commissioned mural design featuring geometric shapes, or a bold floral pattern—choose a color palette that corresponds with your business’s branding and identity, or simply pick hues that inspire you. Be sure to consider what colors are going to go well next to your styling stations. Although you’re making a statement, you want to make sure your salon design is cohesive.



2. Wallpaper:

With so many wallpaper options on the market, it would be surprising if you were not able to find a design that speaks to you. Go for a large-scale pattern with lots of colors to create drama or opt for a small-scale pattern in a soft hue for a subtle focal point. When it comes to the type of wallpaper you choose, traditional wallpaper is more durable, but the pasting process can be messy and particular. Try a self-adhesive wallpaper to avoid the install hassle and need for commitment so you can easily update it down the road!



3. Living Wall:

If creating a serene environment strikes your fancy, consider bringing the outdoors in by incorporating a statement wall made of lush vegetation. Not only do green walls look beautiful and give a salon or spa interior an extra sense of depth, but they also offer many benefits to our health and wellbeing. Living murals purify the air, reduce volatile organic compounds (VOCs), humidify the air, and overall promote healthier and happier occupants. However, growing plants indoors can be tricky. You will likely need to place your living plants towards the front of your salon where the windows may let in the most daylight. Using your living wall as a backdrop behind your salon reception desk is a great way to introduce your eco-friendly business right out of the gate. If your space isn't conducive for greenery to thrive, it may be best for you to look into a faux green wall that will give the same look without the need for maintenance.



4. Masonry:

There is nothing like the beauty of natural stone or exposed brick when it comes to adding warmth, texture, and dimension to the surfaces of an interior. Capturing the attention of every onlooker with its undeniable rustic charm, stone and brick materials are highly durable and add a new level of complexity to the design of your space. However, we recommend using brick and natural stone elements in moderation – hence why they make great statement walls. They are also a great way to differentiate the unique zones of your salon such as your color processing or waiting areas.



5. Architectural Detail:

If a big statement isn’t your style, you can go for a subtle feature wall by using wood molding. From tongue and groove paneling to rustic reclaimed boards, woodwork and molding can add architectural interest and dimension to unadorned walls in your salon, spa, or barbershop. Whether you choose to stain the wood in a dark finish or paint it in a bold color, wood detail will add a sophisticated layer to any wall and can really create a unique texture to compliment your barber stations.



6. Tile:

Another stylish accent that wins our hearts is a tile wall. Installing a tile accent wall is easier than ever with today’s selection of marble, slate, ceramic, and porcelain wall tiles. In addition to their beauty and textural impact, tile walls are durable and easy to clean. If you want your salon’s shampoo area to be a design focal point, tile could be your best friend. Placing unique tile patterns and colors beside and behind your backwash systems can really make your shampoo area pop!



7. Statement Art:

Finally, for effortless style, don’t forget artwork can impact an interior in a big way. Try a gallery wall featuring a variety of art prints and random oddities, or a large-scale art piece that will be sure to stand out on an otherwise blank expanse of wall. And artwork aside, even signage incorporating your branding, a cool neon sign, or an interesting sconce lighting feature can make a statement. Get creative!


No matter your interior design budget or personal design preferences, you can transform your salon or spa with a show stopping statement wall using a broad range of materials and a bit of artistic flair. We hope you find inspiration from the examples provided. To see how more salons and spas are making an interior design statement, check out Minerva Beauty’s Instagram for loads of customer images. We’re excited to see what you come up with for your salon, spa, or barbershop!

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