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August 2022 Mood Board

August Mood Board 2022

Everyone loves that exhausting yet utterly satisfying feeling had at the end of a long day spent at the beach. Your hair is rockin’ the natural beach waves, your skin is just a twinge too red from extended sun exposure (despite multiple sunscreen applications), and you can’t wait to shower off all the sand. It was a good day. You feel decidedly content. This is the essence of summer, and we long for days such as those. Bring the barefoot-balmy-day feeling into your salon or spa by incorporating neutral-colored furnishings that complement all the blue/teal décor elements. By doing so, you will create a stylish summer scheme reminiscent of those ocean waves and salt air.


Check out our product picks for August below:

Aria Styling Chair

Kronos Styling Station

Makara Shampoo System

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