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August Mood Board

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As the warm weather continues but summer holidays come to an end, our carefree days filled with adventures that bring out our inner childlike wonder become sweet memories to hold onto as we return to our everyday lives. Yes, our traveling days are dwindling, but that does not mean we are no longer feeling the draw to nature and the warm essence of summer. Pink may not be a color typically associated with the great outdoors, but bright peony blooms, cotton candy skies, and rock landscapes prove otherwise. Stretch out the summer vibes in your salon, spa or barbershop by incorporating soft pink hues with taupe, mauve, and other earth-inspired tones. Accenting your styling chairs, styling stations, and shampoo systems with these tones will bring your salon guests memories of glorious sunsets reflecting over sparkling bodies of water.


Check out our product picks for August below:

Cécile Manicure Table

Maitland Mirror with Box Storage Shelf in Stainless and Eastern Walnut

Gemini Laser Cut Stainless Steel Cart with Appliance Holder

Cinque Salon Styling Chair in Ivory


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