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Key Benefits of Hiring a Business Consultant for Your Salon, Spa, or Barbershop

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There is no greater feeling than the feeling of becoming a business owner. We sign over our life savings, we go all in with our time and energy and then as the dust settles everything becomes even more real for us. It’s a lot of sweat and tears but the victory is so sweet. Unfortunately, we learn our lessons through the troubles and tribulations of our shortcomings time and time again. Each business has roadmap to prosperity but it’s very bumpy to get there. Our businesses have a unique fingerprint to them but we all have similar commonalities when it comes to success:

  1. Entrepreneurial spirit
  2. Unwavering ambition
  3. Loads of courage
  4. Know when to ask for help

“Know when to ask for help” may seem like an odd one, but the truth is that many people aren’t successful all on their own. Success comes from knowing when you need help and being open to evolving your mindset to adapt to the needs of your business. For instance, you may be a creative person so the marketing and design of your salon or spa may come easily but bookkeeping and operations aren’t really your thing.

The great news is that there are experts that have helped hundreds of salons and spas become successful businesses. Salon and spa business consultants can help businesses build and secure a stable foundation for success. These professionals can be hired when you’re just opening your new salon, barbershop, or spa, but they can also be hired to help if you’re an existing business finding yourself struggling.

About Salon Business Consultants

Salon and spa business consultants are experts on the industry who have helped build successful businesses time and time again. They know first-hand what systems work to grow a profitable company and can provide advice to simplify the many decisions that need to be made when opening and running a salon or spa. When you hire a salon/spa consultant, business mistakes are minimized because they are there to provide you with simple, yet impactful tools that in turn save you both time and money. It’s their job to not only turn your business into a profit center, but also be your partner and biggest cheerleader in the toughest of times. Hiring a business consultant guarantees a safety net of success when venturing into owning your own salon or spa.

Salon & Spa Consultant Groups

Now that you know a little bit more about business consultants and the benefits they bring to the table, check out these three highly acclaimed consultant groups and learn how each can help you on your journey to success.

Summit Salon Business Center

As the world’s largest salon and spa business consulting company, Summit Salon Business Center’s knowledge base is an unparalleled resource for salon/spa owners and managers all across the United States and Canada. Many of their 50+ salon consulting professionals started out as clients and grew into the role of consulting due to a strong desire to share the power of Summit Salon Systems. Offering a wide variety of services including salon, spa, school, and barbershop consulting as well as self-employed stylist support, social media training, and more, Summit Salon Business Center (SSBC) has made it their mission to support the independent salons and cosmetology schools by providing business consulting services to all facets of the beauty industry. SSBC has a deep personal commitment to keeping the independent salon thriving and profitable and to the principle of “passing it on.”

Click here to learn more about SSBC, the services they provide, and their vision to improve the beauty industry “one person at a time” by “passing it on” so that the salon industry will be strong and prosperous for generations to come.

Empowering You

Amy Carter, Principal and Founder of Empowering You, owns one of Indiana’s top salons and understands first-hand what it takes to reinvent a business and train a leadership team that’s invested in long-term success. She turned this knowledge into a passion for coaching and created Empowering You Consulting, which now helps salons and spas across the nation every day. Empowering You has a team of coaches and trainers who have built their businesses from scratch, shaping them into customer-pleasing, money-making, I-want-to-work-there salons. Through their elite programs, training, and coaching, Empowering You offers a range of opportunities that will fit any budget or schedule to transform salon and spa businesses and their staff into a success.

Click here to meet the Empowering You dream team of millionaire and high-revenue salon owners and nationally recognized coaches and trainers.


Strategies was founded in 1993 by Neil Ducoff, a leading expert on business education. Strategies mission is to embolden their clients to be their most successful by teaching best practices that result in tangible improvements in each of the Four Business Outcomes: profitability, productivity, staff retention and customer loyalty. With its nationwide team of coaches and educators, Strategies has delivered top-quality business education to countless salons, spas, and general businesses of all sizes. Their expert team of consultants and educators are, or were, real salon/spa owners who use these systems to run very successfully companies. Strategies’ network of seminars, onsites, coaching services and webinars offer the opportunity to streamline and improve systems, and to grow profitability.

Click here to learn more about how Strategies can help your business operate more efficiently and profitably.

Here at Minerva Beauty, we understand that salons and spas are unique when compared to other businesses. Scheduling, bookkeeping, maintenance, operations and marketing are an entirely different breed. We think you’ll find comfort in partnering with any of the three consulting groups as they are founded with decades of salon and spa ownership experience that you’ll be able to relate to and benefit from. We know with the right tools and grit you’ll be able to make your salon or spa a success – especially when fully equipped by Minerva Beauty!

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