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Choosing the Best Facial Bed or Chair

facial bed in esthetic spa treatment room

Choosing the right facial bed is crucial for any esthetician or spa owner. Facial beds and chairs are an investment, so you need one that’s comfortable, convenient and built to last. This guide will help you find the best facial bed for your budget, business and clientele so you can get the most value out of it for years to come.

What to Consider Before Buying a Facial Bed

There are several factors when shopping for a facial bed or chair. Jump to a section or keep reading:

Different Types of Facial Beds

Start by getting to know the different types of facial beds and chairs available:

Multipurpose Treatment Tables

Massage tables can also make great facial beds, and many of our massage tables include armrests and tilt/recline. If your salon or spa offers massage as well as facials and other esthetician services, a multipurpose treatment table can be a great choice.

Stationary vs Portable Facial Beds

When choosing between a stationary, wheeled or portable facial bed, ask yourself the following:

  • Will your facial bed stay in the same place, or will you need to move it on a regular basis?
  • Do you need to accommodate clients who use a mobility device such as a wheelchair or walker?
  • Are you looking to minimize equipment investment costs?

Fixed and movable treatment tables each have advantages depending on your priorities.

Advantages of stationary facial beds:

  • Greater stability
  • Higher weight capacity
  • Some have built-in storage

Advantages of wheeled facial beds:

  • Easily clean under and around the bed
  • More flexibility to adjust your workspace
  • Provide better accessibility for guests with mobility issues

Advantages of portable facial beds:

  • Ideal for mobile estheticians, shared spaces or training workshops
  • Easier to fit in small rooms
  • Budget-friendly option
portable facial bed with solid wood frame and nylon carrying case with shoulder strap

Shop the Nayara Portable Massage Table which comes with a nylon carrying case, or the Mobile Facial Chair available in 3 colors

Once you’ve decided on a type of facial bed, the next thing to consider is adjustability, which goes hand-in-hand with client and technician comfort.

Comfort & Adjustability

It’s important to think about all the different treatments and services you want to use your facial bed for so you can select the right features and range of motion. Ask yourself:

  • Which treatments will be performed, and do any of them require special positioning?
  • How important is ease of adjustment for your staff?
  • Do you charge premium prices? (If so, clients will expect more luxurious comfort.)

Manual, Electric, Pneumatic & Hydraulic Facial Beds

There are four different ways to adjust the height, tilt and positioning of a treatment table, and each has its pros and cons.

Manually adjusted facial beds are lower in cost, and lower maintenance thanks to fewer moving parts. But manual facial beds require more effort to adjust and may not offer the same level of precision.

facial bed/chair in black or white vinyl with matching esthetician stool

Shop our Facial Bed in black or white with removable armrests & matching tech stool

Pneumatic facial beds have a mechanism that uses compressed air to adjust the position. Adjustments are smoother and easier than manual beds, though they usually cost a bit more.

Hydraulic facial beds use a foot pedal for user-friendly and precise height adjustment, much like salon chairs. Hydraulic adjustment doesn’t require electricity, but hydraulic models tend to be heavier and may require maintenance for the hydraulic fluid and seal.

hydraulic facial chair in black or white vinyl with matching esthetician stool

Shop our Hydraulic Facial Bed in black or white with removable armrests & matching tech stool

Electric facial beds must be plugged in, which can limit placement opportunities, and they also cost more than manual, pneumatic or hydraulic models. On the other hand, adjustments can be made very quickly and easily while prioritizing client comfort.

The electric Equipro Spa-Comfort Facial Bed is available in black, white or gray with all adjustments controlled by a handset. It's noiseless, easy to clean and supports up to 750 lbs!

Types of Facial Bed Adjustments

Choose a facial bed that offers the types of positioning you’ll need for specific services and to meet the needs of your current or target client base.

  • Tilt - Not all facial beds or chairs can sit all the way upright or recline completely flat. Make sure you know the range of motion for the esthetician bed you’re considering.
electric facial bed in black with wheeled base and versatile adjustability

Shop the Cloister Ultra Premium Electric Massage Table with Cherry Frame in black, with a powerful electric lift system & unmatched adjustability

  • Rotation - Facial beds that rotate can make it easier to access different parts of a client's face or body, which improves efficiency, ergonomics for practitioners, and client comfort.
  • Height - Look for the low end of the height adjustability range to make sure it will be safe and comfortable for clients who are short, elderly or have mobility issues.
  • Head rest - Decide whether you need an adjustable head rest and/or face cradle. Some treatment tables let you position the head rest at either end.
hydraulic facial bed with face hole and padded head rest

Our Hydraulic Facial Bed gives you options with a face hole and a padded head rest

esthetician bed with neck cushion

Many of our facial beds come with a neck bolster cushion

spa treatement table with face cradle

Many of our treatment tables come with an optional or removable face cradle

  • Armrests - Treatment tables without armrests can be easier to fit in small spaces and they allow easier access to the client’s sides and upper body. On the other hand, treatment tables with armrests can make it easier for a client’s shoulders and arms to relax. Some have removable armrests for the best of both worlds!
  • Leg rests - Facial beds with an adjustable leg rest offer better lower back support for a more comfortable experience.
electric facial bed with premium adjustable options and built-in storage

Minerva's Seabrook Ultra Premium Electric Massage Table in Black with Cherry Base offers a head cushion, headrest outlets on both ends, neck bolster, back and leg rest, removable arms & optional face cradle for ultimate adjustability

Another factor affecting both client and practitioner comfort is the size of the facial bed and its placement in a spa or treatment room.

Sizing & Layout

Facial bed dimensions vary, so make sure you measure the space where you intend to put it.

Use these tips for a perfect fit:

  • Use the largest facial bed footprint (length when fully reclined)
  • Make sure the length measurement includes the headrest or face cradle
  • Make sure the width measurement accounts for armrests (if it has them)
  • Think about how much space you’ll need to leave around the facial bed - especially if it rotates
  • For electric models, make sure there’s a suitable outlet within reach of the power cord
  • Use our free 2D design tool to visualize your floor plan and facial bed placement

How much room do you need for a facial table?

You'll need at least 2-3 feet of space all the way around a treatment table so the practitioner can easily access all parts of the client's body that are being treated. Allow enough room for the door to swing open and for the facial bed to rotate without hitting anything. Unless the treatment room has built-in cabinets or shelves, you'll also need to leave space for a spa cart or trolley to hold supplies.

two spa treatement rooms showing how much room is needed for a facial table

Spa treatment rooms don't need to be huge, but estheticians will need enough space to easily move around the facial bed & access supplies

What size should a facial bed be?

There’s no single best length or width for a facial bed, facial chair or treatment table. You’ll need to choose a size that works for your space and clientele.

Make sure the width of your facial table can accommodate clients with a larger body. A facial bed with a lower minimum height improves accessibility.

To help narrow down your options we provide a table with dimensions of the different facial beds we offer. It shows the largest footprint for each (fully reclined with headrest & arms attached) as well as the height range, if adjustable.

Product Width Length Static Height or Travel Range
Mobile Shampoo Facial Chair 17.5” 43” 19”
Envie Electric All-Purpose Chair - Makeup, Brows, Facials & More 20.5” 57” 19.25” - 26.25”
Equipro Multi-Comfort Electric Facial Bed 24” 71” 22.5” - 34.5
Equipro Maxi-Comfort Hydraulic Facial Bed 24” 71” 26.5” - 33.5”
Equipro Multi-Comfort Hydraulic Facial Bed 24” 71” 22.5” - 34.5”
Equipro Hydro-Comfort Hydraulic Facial Bed 24” 71” 22.5” - 34.5”
Equipro Aero-Comfort Pneumatic Facial Bed 24” 71” 28.5” - 33.5”
Equipro Electric Ultra-Comfort Facial Bed 26” 72” 19” - 36.5”
Equipro Multi-Comfort Hydraulic Bed 28” 71” 22.5” - 34.5”
Kiawah Ultra Premium Electric Massage Table 30” 82” 24.5” - 34”
Sonesta Electric Massage Table 30” 82” 16.5” - 38”
Nayara Portable Massage Table 30” 82” 24” - 33”
Woodloch Stationary Massage Table with Cherry Frame 30” 82” 24” - 33”
Woodloch Stationary Massage Table in Beige with Natural Wood Frame 30” 82” 24” - 33”
Equipro Spa-Comfort Facial Bed 30” 72” 23.5” - 34.5”
Facial Bed 33” 72” 27”
Hydraulic Facial Bed 33” 72” 23” - 29.5”
Amelia Electric Massage Table with Tilting Back in Black 36” 83” 16” - 38”
Amelia Electric Massage Table with Tilting Back in Beige 36” 83” 16” - 38”
Nirvana Adjustable Deluxe Massage Table in Black 36” 83” 25.4” - 34”
Nirvana Adjustable Deluxe Massage Table in Beige with Natural Wood Frame 36” 83” 24.5” - 34”
Sanctuary Adjustable Deluxe Massage Table in Beige with Cherry Base 36” 83” 24.5” - 34”
Sanctuary Adjustable Deluxe Massage Table in Black with Cherry Base 36” 83” 24.5” - 34”
Cloister Ultra Premium Electric Massage Table with Cherry Frame 36” 83” 24.5” - 34”
Cloister Ultra Premium Electric Massage Table in Beige with Natural Wood Frame 36” 83” 24.5” - 34”
Seabrook Ultra Premium Electric Massage Table in Black with Cherry Base 42” 80” 27” - 33”
Seabrook Ultra Premium Electric Massage Table in Beige with Cherry Base 42” 80” 27” - 33”

Durability & Weight Capacity

The main factors affecting the durability of a facial bed are design, adjustment mechanisms and materials.

Facial Bed Design

Quality facial beds are designed to distribute weight evenly to prevent wobbling when the client gets onto the table, changes position during treatments, or when the table is rotated. Look for a wide base or adjustable feet.

Adjustment Mechanisms

Well made adjustment mechanisms will operate smoothly every time, even with frequent use. It’s worth investing in a high-quality facial bed to avoid dealing with poorly-made mechanisms that wear out quickly and compromise stability.


  • Look for high-quality frame materials such as stainless steel, high-grade aluminum or hardwood to avoid potential issues like rust or warping.
  • The frame should have a high-quality finish or coating that’s easy to clean and resists scratches and chips.
  • Cushioning should be high-density foam or memory foam. Multi-layered cushioning helps distribute pressure more evenly to provide better support and avoid deformation.
  • Commercial-grade vinyl is the best upholstery material for facial beds because it’s very durable, water-resistant, resistant to tears and punctures, and easy to sanitize between clients.

Weight Capacity

Most facial beds have a weight capacity of 350 - 600 lbs, depending on the construction and size.

The Equipro Electric Ultra-Comfort Facial Bed and Equipro Spa-Comfort Facial Bed each have a weight limit of 750 lbs.


In the beauty industry it's important to consider the aesthetics of your esthetic equipment!

The way your facial bed looks can affect a client's first impression, your brand image and even the perceived value of your services.

Consider the following aesthetic factors when choosing a facial bed:

  • Does it match or complement your overall theme and decor?
  • Will the facial bed look good in photos?
  • Is the design timeless enough to maintain appeal as trends change?
  • Does the facial bed look comfortable?
  • Does the style align with the tastes of your target market?

Visual appeal is another reason why durable materials are important, so the facial bed will still look good after repeated use and cleaning.

spa treatement room with facial beds, mag lamps, towel warmer and supply storage cabinet

Furnishing your treatment room with skin care equipment that's all the same color makes it easy to create a cohesive, adaptable look

How Much Should a Facial Bed Cost?

Price is typically a top concern when shopping for facial beds and chairs, and can be a deciding factor.

Rather than searching for the lowest cost facial bed, you’re better off deciding on a budget and then buying the very best equipment you can afford.

High-quality facial beds come with higher price points and provide greater overall value with:

  • Durability & longer service life
  • Higher quality materials for superior comfort
  • Greater range of adjustments for a more luxurious experience
  • Stronger warranty & product support from the manufacturer
  • Convenient features such as a storage compartment or removable armrests

Facial beds from Minerva Beauty range in price from $319 - $4945. We offer easy monthly financing so you can invest in the best facial bed for your spa and pay comfortably over time.

Assembling a Facial Bed

Before you buy a facial bed, make sure you understand how it will be shipped and how much assembly you’ll need to do once it arrives.

Facial beds sold by Minerva Beauty either arrive fully assembled or require only minor assembly. You can find more detail on each product page.

Be wary of facial beds with free shipping which often arrive “flat-packed”—meaning you’ll need to assemble many different pieces before you can use it.

Maintenance & Cleaning

Most facial beds are generally low-maintenance. Procedures vary by type:

  • Manual - Regularly inspect the integrity of the frame and joints. Tighten any loose screws or bolts as needed.
  • Pneumatic - Apply silicone-based lubricant to the pneumatic lift mechanism periodically to maintain smooth operation.
  • Hydraulic - Raise the bed all the way up and let it come down all the way at least once a day to keep it lubricated. Check hydraulic fluid levels periodically and top off as needed. Keep the hydraulic mechanism dust-free and lubricate as needed.
  • Electric - Inspect the power cord, plug and electrical connections for signs of wear on a yearly basis. Test electronic controls periodically. Keep liquids away from electrical components.

Sanitizing Tips

Sanitizing the surface between clients is the most important part of keeping your treatment table clean. Use cleaning products specifically made to clean vinyl, such as:

Avoid cleaners that can damage vinyl such as:

  • Ammonia
  • Undiluted bleach
  • Solvents (alcohol, acetone)
  • Oil-based cleaners
  • Abrasive cleaners

Using spa linens can help protect the upholstery during treatments. You’ll also need to keep the frame clean using a cleaner appropriate for its finish.

Features & Accessories

It’s worth noting whether a facial bed includes any special features that can improve convenience and efficiency, such as:

  • Storage area or cabinets below the table
  • Headrest outlets on both ends
  • Adjustable headrest
  • Removable headrest and/or armrests
  • Neck pillow
  • Knee pillow
  • 360° rotation
  • Remote control
  • Locking casters
  • Attachable paper towel holder
  • Optional face cradle
  • Armrest sling below face cradle

Some facial beds even come with a matching technician stool.

There are also spa accessories sold separately to complete your treatment bed setup:

What bolsters are needed for a facial table?

The type of bolsters used for a facial table vary based on client preference. Popular options include:

  • Neck bolster to reduce strain by supporting the neck
  • Knee bolster to relieve pressure on the lower back when lying down
  • Round or half moon bolsters can provide support to the client's arms if the facial bed doesn't have any

A heating pad is another great way to amp up the pampering and make sure your clients look forward to their next session!

Enhancing the sensory experience with calming music and aromatherapy is another great way to evoke a sense of luxury.

Facial Bed Safety

Before you put your new facial bed to work, take a minute to review the manufacturer’s safety instructions.

General treatment table safety tips:

  • Adhere to the weight limit
  • Don’t sit on armrests
  • Don’t put excessive weight on headrests or face cradles
  • Keep your facial bed away from extreme temperatures and humidity
  • Keep practitioner ergonomics in mind to prevent injury from repetitive movements
  • Don’t perform massage treatments on rotating facial beds, as the added working weight can make them unstable
  • When buying an electric facial bed, look for UL Certification or CE Marking to make sure electrical components comply with safety regulations
  • For electric facial beds: if the foot pedal comes into contact with water, disconnect the power
two esthetician beds in a spa treatment room set up with essential oils and flamless LED candles

Treatment tables with built-in storage, like the Sanctuary Adjustable Deluxe Massage Table make it easy to keep facial supplies & accessories at hand

At Minerva Beauty we pride ourselves on providing original, stylish, functional, and comfortable spa equipment designed with both estheticians and clients in mind. Here are some of our most popular facial beds:

Best Budget Facial Beds

You don’t need to spend a bundle to get a high-quality, attractive facial bed that’s built to last:

Best Facial Chairs

Whether you need a portable or luxurious facial chair, these two models are incredibly versatile:

Best Treatment Tables for Accessibility

Accessible treatment tables have a low minimum height and removable armrests for better accessibility:

Best Facial Beds for Versatility

If you need a treatment table that can be used for facials, massage, lashes, waxing, electrolysis and more, look no further:

Best Minimalist Facial Beds

These facial beds are sleek and streamlined for space efficiency and ease of cleaning:

Best Facial Beds to Splurge On

If you’re looking for a true investment piece, you won’t regret indulging in these tried-and-true premium models:

Shop all facial beds online, or reach out to Minerva Beauty with any questions! Check out our facial machine buying guide for help choosing the best facial machine for your spa.

Our sales team does not work off commission, so you can get expert insights without pressure to buy if you need help choosing the best facial chair for your business.

Feel free to send us an email, or call 888-332-0123 Thursday from 9am-6pm EST (Friday 9am - 5pm EST).

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