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February Mood Board

Post Hero

A new month calls for a new mood board, and current design trends are bright and playful. So much color may seem strange in the dead of winter, but if you pay attention, the world around us is brimming with inspiration. From the soft pink glow of the sun rising over freshly fallen snow, to richly hued evergreen trees, to the glistening blue tint seen on the edges of an icicle, the Winter season isn’t all drab. Use colors such as sage green, mustard yellow, and deep purple to liven up your environment and inject a sense of joy in a new way. Keep the unexpected color pops sophisticated by choosing sculptural decor pieces in organic forms (another trend on the rise!).


Check out our product picks for February below:

Monsoon Professional Italian Blow Dryer

Nikko Mirror in White

Corsa Salon Styling Chair in Eggplant

Clarissa Salon Styling Chair in Sage Green

Gimbal Tech Stool in Cashmere

Woodruff Tower Styling Station in Distressed White


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