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HairMaster Hair Dryer & Processor by Olymp Available at Minerva Beauty

HairMaster Hair Dryer and Processor

All-In-One Infrared Device and Hood Dryer – Mobile and Wall Mounted Versions Available

Minerva Beauty, Inc. is excited to announce the HairMaster Hair Dryer and Processor by Olymp is now available to purchase on their website With the dual functionality of an infrared device and hood dryer all-in-one, the HairMaster is a one stop shop for all your drying and processing needs.

“We are so excited to provide our customers with an elite device that truly does it all,” says Jay Rawl, President and CEO at Minerva Beauty. “With the HairMaster, stylists are able to color, highlight, perm, water wave, condition, and air dry all in one place.”

Equipped with innovative patented air ducting technology, the HairMaster allows for an adjustable blower system and optimum heat distribution guaranteeing fast and perfect results through a uniform and consistent heat treatment on all parts of the hair. With a built-in smart chip-card that stores data for optimum time and temperature specifications for all types of hair, questioning what time or temperature to set a client is a thing of the past.

“The HairMaster Hair Dryer and Processor by Olymp is revolutionary,” says Jeff Grissler, Director of Corporate Relations at Minerva Beauty. “From the innovative technology to the overall functionality of the HairMaster, this world class device is like no other on the market today.”

Minerva Beauty carries both the wall mounted and mobile version of the HairMaster Hair Dryer and Processor by Olymp – available to browse and purchase at For more information about this innovative device or further assistance, give Minerva’s sales team a call Monday-Friday 9am-6pm, EST at 888-332-0123.

About Minerva Beauty, Inc.

Founded in 2006, Minerva Beauty manufactures and distributes salon and spa equipment to the beauty industry. With the largest salon and spa equipment showroom in the world, Minerva offers an incredible selection of styling stations and chairs, shampoo systems, dryers and dryer chairs, pedicure chairs, manicure tables, stools and carts, skin care equipment, and more. Minerva is committed to delivering equipment with fine craftsmanship, value and affordability to the beauty industry and has equipment in over 175,000 salons and spas worldwide.

HairMaster Hair Dryer & Processor by Olymp - Mobile Shop Mobile HairMaster Hair Dryer & Processor
HairMaster Hair Dryer & Processor by Olymp - Wall Mounted Shop Wall Mounted HairMaster Hair Dryer & Processor
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