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How to Use Coastal Interior Design Style in Your Salon

Coastal Salon Design

When you hear the word coastal, you might think of seashells, anchors, and all the kitschy things you would associate with the beach, but coastal design is not the same thing as nautical. Taking its cues from the natural seaside environment, coastal within its simplest definition exudes a beachy essence. Using natural light, soft tones and a bright, clean aesthetic, these myriads of traits make an interior feel like summer year-round with an approachable and inviting atmosphere.

To achieve the look in your salon, opt for a classy representation of the style by keeping beach nick knacks to a minimum. You do not need to add flip-flop memorabilia or signs that read, "this way to the beach" to make it ocean-inspired. Instead, consider adding a sculptural piece of coral displayed on a shelf, a nicely framed seascape, or a few nautical striped throw pillows for added comfort and style in your shampoo systems. When it comes to the coastal décor "less is more" approach is truly best to keep the environment serene.

When it comes to materials, light textiles such as cotton and linen, wood, glass tile, stones such as quartz, marble, and granite, and organic materials such as wicker and jute are common. Wood is used often but is generally light in color—either white-washed, blond maple, or ash.

Coastal interiors predominantly layer neutral shades and various hues of white to achieve a clean aesthetic. From ivory and eggshell to gray, beige, and taupe—layered neutrals are key to a coastal color palette, but you are not strictly limited to a drab color scheme. Pastels in washed-out hues, navy, blush-toned pinks, coral, seafoam, blues, and greens are all appropriate accent colors.

Overall, coastal-inspired design has a decidedly cheerful flair that’s hard not to appreciate. By combining suggested materials, colors, and furnishings, you’ll achieve a beautiful design that will take you to sandy shores. To go along with your coastal design, check out Minerva Beauty’s Loft collection for all your salon, spa, and barbershop furnishing needs. Featuring a variety of salon furnishings—from styling stations to retail displays—the Loft collection is full of styles that seamlessly suit the aesthetic. With an array of beautiful neutral tones, sleek lines, and woods with natural patina, a piece from the Loft collection paired with a modern styling chair would be perfect for a relaxed, coastal-designed salon.


Check out a few of our favorite coastal styled salon, spas, and barbershops featuring Minerva Beauty equipment.


Hudson Grey Salon & Spa

Located in Warwick, NY, Hudson Grey Salon & Spa isn’t close to the water, but the neutral tones, wood textures, and beachy print on the wall give it a vibe that would work for a coastal style. Featured products include the Alluvia Premium Auto Recline Shampoo Chair in CamelMontego Pedestal Shampoo System with White Bowl


Beck + Brix Salon

Light and bright with an added pop of blue, Beck + Brix salon in Hermosa Beach, CA is giving the perfect beachy essence. Featured product, Corsa Salon Styling Chair in Camel



Blades Styling

Blades Styling in Gilbert, AZ uses monochromatic neutral tones and dried florals with palms to bring in a seaside flair. Featured products include the Avant Shampoo System with White Bowl in SaddleVenturi Salon Styling Chair in Saddle


Denim Hair

From the nautical blue accent wall, matching striped poof, and macrame wall hangings this shampoo lounge is coastal at its finest. Featured products include the Alluvia Premium Auto Recline Shampoo Chair in CamelMontego Pedestal Shampoo System with White Bowl


Edit Hair Lounge

Edit Hair Lounge in Prince George, B.C is a bright, breath of fresh air—just what a coastal styled interior should be. Featured products include Venturi Styling Chair in CashmereAvant Shampoo System with White Bowl in IvoryElogy Mobile Stylist Color Cart in White & Cappuccino


Willow Salon

Willow Salon in Arizona sets the coastal scene with neutral tones, a hint of blush pink, wood accents, and a dried floral statement piece with palms. Featured product, Avant Salon Styling Chair in Saddle


Fox and Jane Salon

Fox and Jane Salon in Lower East Side, NY is everything a modern coastal inspired space should be. Nothing screams “beach” but the calming color palette, natural finishes, and textured vases with dried grasses give a stylish hint of sandy shores. Featured product, Venturi Salon Styling Chair in Cashmere with Round White Powder Coat Base


Freija Collective Salon and Apothecary

Freija Collective Salon and Apothecary in Highland Park, Los Angeles, has a soothing atmosphere which is achieved though minimal styling, a neutral color palette, and a touch of greenery. If the natural theme isn’t already coastal enough—the curved elements are almost reminiscent of seashells. Featured product, Corsa Salon Styling Chair in Camel


Steven Nicole Salon

Steven Nicole Salon located in Newtown, CT is 50 shades of beige and we’re loving the beachy essence this shampoo area creates. Featured product, Avant Shampoo System with White Bowl in Cashmere


The Glam Chair

The Glam Chair in East Aurora, NY is serving coastal looks with a bright and clean interior and plenty of palm leaf greenery. Featured product, Corsa Salon Styling Chair in Camel


The Grove Salon

The Grove Salon in Santa Rosa Beach, FL is a seaside haven with calming neutrals, glittery pendants reminiscent of light reflecting off water, and natural wood—the Carrera Salon Styling Chair in Ivory is the perfect cherry on top.


JUNE Hair Co.

JUNE Hair Co. located in Oceanside, CA is looking beachy fresh with a wavy room divider and Minerva’s Vantage Stainless Steel Shampoo System with White Bowl in Saddle



For even more salon inspiration, check out our Coastal design section in our Style Guide to get ideas on perfect styling station/styling chair pairings!

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