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How to Use Eclectic Interior Design Style in Your Salon

Eclectic Salon Design

Eclectic is a mix and match combination of several design styles unified through color, pattern, texture, and shape. While the elements used may not necessarily go together—a cohesive whole is achieved with the deliberate use of materials and items. The sky is the limit, but eclectic is not a ruleless, anything-can-go kind of style. Every eclectically styled space should be a carefully thought-out celebration of contrasts that merges several decor styles into one seamless design. Mix old and new, serious and whimsical, antique and contemporary to create interest. Mixing unique styles into one cohesive look is what eclectic is all about.

There are countless material and finish options within an eclectic design, so try mixing textures and patterns to create the perfect celebration of contrast. Place smooth alongside rough, polished with matte, and nubbly with soft for a perfectly layered interior. Like materials and finishes, anything goes in an eclectic color palette, but it is best to limit yourself to 3-4 colors to create cohesion. Again, we want the design to be a pleasing mix—not a mismatch of eyesores. A calming neutral hue paired with one accent color is the typical base that will prevent the room from becoming too chaotic.

At Minerva Beauty, there are many equipment options for you to choose from to achieve an eclectic look in your salon, spa, or barbershop. It all depends on your décor style preferences!

For inspiration on a few styling chair/styling station pairing options, take a peek at the “Eclectic” design section in our “Style Guide” and continue scrolling to see real-life salons we love showcasing an eclectically styled interior with Minerva equipment!



J Co Hair Studio

From the sharp contrast of black and white, touches of deep emerald green, fun neon sign, hanging plants, and fancy chandeliers, Salon Roya in Arvada, CO is an eclectic styled haven. Featured products include Avant Salon Styling Chair in CamelAvant Shampoo System with White Bowl in Camel



J Co Hair Studio

Playing with pattern—J Co Hair Studio in Chicago, IL knows how to make an eclectic space tasteful. Featured product, Avant Shampoo System with White Bowl in Gray


Wild Ivy Salon

Wild Ivy Salon in Jacksonville Beach, FL keeps the eclectic style simple with a pink accent wall and an otherwise sleek and clean environment. Featured products: Venturi Salon Styling Chair in CamelAvant Ultra Backwash System with White Bowl in Camel


Blush Beauty Bar

A blue couch, woven chair, and a playful mix of patterns makes this lounge/processing area an eclectic dream. Featured products: Alluvia Premium Auto Recline Shampoo Chair in CamelMedusa Infrared Color Hair Processor


Chelsey Drapeau Hair

Earthy and inviting, Chelsey Drapeau Hair in Brooklyn, NY is an eclectic mix of 70’s beach babe and 90’s grunge. Featured products: Carrera Salon Styling Chair in CamelAlluvia Premium Auto Recline Shampoo Chair in Camel


Gem Beauty Co.

This bohemian eclectic space features a neon sign, cowhide rug, greenery, and a mismatch of accent chairs with fun throw pillows. Featured products: Avant Salon Styling Chair in CameMedusa Infrared Color Hair Processor


Hello Hair Studio

Hello Hair Studio in Indianapolis, IN brings an eclectic vibe to their shampoo lounge with a tropical hand-painted wall mural. Featured product, Avant Ultra Shampoo System with Black Bowl in Camel


House of Style

A boho Turkish rug, live edge wood tables, and a fresh bouquet of roses steal the show in this eclectic salon space. Featured products: Pagani Salon Styling Chair in GrayAvant Shampoo System with White Bowl in Gray


Studio 285

Studio 285 in Evans, GA showcases stunning multi-color-stained concrete floors, a lush faux green hanging ceiling, and a plethora of funky gallery wall pieces in their highly eclectic designed salon. Featured products: Genesis Double Sided Styling Station in BlackCorsa Salon Styling Chair in BlackAvant Shampoo System with Black Bowl


Wild Love Hair Studio

From the leather Moroccan poufs to the brick walls, and large-scale floral wallpaper—the shampoo lounge at Wild Love Hair Studio in Mystic, CT displays an eclectic flair that’s stylish and sophisticated. Featured product, Avant Shampoo System with White Bowl in Black


Copper and Ivory

Eclectic furniture, textured throw pillows, and green tiled statement wall makes this salon fresh and inviting. Featured product, Murano Salon Styling Chair


The Hightide Salon

The Hightide Salon in Raleigh, NC designed an eclectic salon by incorporating a gallery wall filled with interesting art pieces and fun striped paint at each station. Featured product, Maranello Salon Styling Chair in Camel


Salon 1150

Salon 1150 in Austin, TX is a bohemian take on eclectic with a macrame wall hanging acting as a blind, a textured basket, terracotta planters, and tribal printed throw blankets. Featured product, Avery Shampoo System with White Bowl in Camel



For even more salon inspiration, check out our Eclectic design section in our Style Guide to get ideas on perfect styling station/styling chair pairings!

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