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How to Use Modern Interior Design Style in Your Salon

Modern Salon Design

Simple and unadorned, modern is a minimalist style rooted in a preference for asymmetry and sharp, angular lines. With a lack of unnecessary embellishment, modern interiors tend to lean towards being practical rather than ornamental. Although sparse in appearance, modern design has a flair for eye-catching details such as abstract wall art, a bold décor piece, or a pop of color against an otherwise neutral backdrop.

The goal is to maintain a streamlined look that doesn't feel overly cold or sterile. With that in mind, modern interior design styles tend to mix in a wide array of natural materials including, stone, wood, and leather. Industrial-inspired elements such as concrete and steel, and materials such as glass, plastic, plywood, and chrome are also common materials that characterize the style. When it comes to color, the focus is on clean and monochromatic. White and neutral color schemes rule the modern interior, but bold accent colors are frequently used in moderation and applied sparingly.

If you want to achieve the modern look in your salon, spa, or barbershop, check out our Designer Series, Stainless Steel, and Mid-Century Modern collections to find the perfect equipment for your space. Not sure what looks good with what? The Modern section in our Style Guide is a great starting point for inspiration on styling chair/styling station pairings.


For even more inspo, keep scrolling to check out some gorgeous modern styled salon spaces featuring Minerva Beauty!



Below Hair Studio

Below Hair Studio in Canada is displaying a modern aesthetic with concrete floors, a concrete accent wall, and a black, gray, and white color palette. Featured products: Venturi Salon Styling Chair in BlackGenesis Double Sided Styling Station in Space Gray


Chemistry Salon

Chemistry Salon in Berkley, MI is sleek and clean with a industrial looking space that features large windows, a modern light fixtures, and cool toned neutrals mixed with warm. Featured products: Vantage Ultra Shampoo System with Black Bowl in GrayPagani Salon Styling Chair in Gray



Damn, Glam!

This quirky shampoo lounge at Damn, Glam! in Austin, Texas uses small touches of color (yellow planters, pink baseboards) paired with concrete floors and an industrial ceiling to bring in a modern edge. Featured product, Avant Shampoo System with White Bowl in Ivory


Evovle Hair Design

Black and white, an interesting pendant light, streamline furniture pieces, and concrete floors make Evovle Hair Design in Bozeman, MT a modern oasis and the Iridium Mobile Styling Station in Black fits right in.


Fox and Jane

Fox and Jane in Lower East Side, New York is a unique space that exudes a sense of luxury with modern details displayed in the statement lighting, arched mirrors, and material choices. Featured product, Venturi Salon Styling Chair in Cashmere


French Hair Couture

French Hair Couture in Carmel, Indiana uses a monochromatic color palette with lots of contrast to create a modern aesthetic. The concrete floors, marble backsplash, and statement lighting also adds to the look while the Corsa Salon Styling Chair in Saddle provides just the right finishing touch.


Immortal Beloved

With custom built-in stations and a mix of wood and concrete materials—this salon in DC showcases a modern design. Featured product, Churchill Salon Styling Chair in Black


Kate Kandel Salon

Kate Kandel Salon in Greenville, SC has a fresh and clean look with a lack of décor allowing the beautiful, modern space to speak for itself. Featured products: Vantage Salon Styling Chair in BlackAvant Shampoo System with White Bowl in Gray


Mane Styling Studio

From the concrete floors to the stark, black and white color palette, Mane Styling Studio in Meridian, ID has an undeniable modern flair. Featured product, Murano Salon Styling Chair

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