Drawn to eclectic décor, but feel daunted by the prospect of your interior potentially turning into a mismatched muddle of clutter with no apparent rhyme or reason? Rest assured, eclectic can be tastefully done if carefully thought-out. Follow these next tips to learn how.

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    1. Find Your Style
      An alluring quality of eclectic décor is the notion that you don’t have to limit yourself to one style. However, successfully merging different styles together can be a tricky task. To avoid creating an overdose of stimulation—limit yourself to no more than two or three interior design styles. Ensure each style is evenly distributed throughout for balance. Steer clear of allowing one style to dominate the space, as this could make certain items appear out of place and throw off the design.

    2. Stick to a Concise Color Palette
      Do not throw your color chart out the window when you hear the phrase "eclectic" as this is a recipe for disaster. A rainbow of mismatched colors will be displeasing to the eye and offer no unifying elements to ground the varying styles of furniture and accessories going on. A deliberate color palette, on the other hand, will bring an air of cohesion to your space.

    3. Mix Furniture Styles
      To create the one-of-a-kind look desired for eclectic interiors, think about diversity in the color, shape, texture, finish, and scale of furnishings. Mix and intermingle pieces from a range of design periods. Play with proportions. Layer textures together. Combine rustic and clunky with sleek and modern. The options are endless! Don’t be afraid to take risks, but note there is a fine line between chaos and curated eclecticism. True eclectic décor actually has cohesiveness, so have a clear direction or vision. The ultimate goal is to create a space which reflects your personality and the essence of your business.

    4. Accessorize Right
      Items may look great in isolation, but that doesn’t mean they will look great together. A collected look is desired, but be purposeful when choosing items. While filling your space with decorative accessories is encouraged within eclectic design, don’t force it by thinking you need to pack your space with an over abundance of unique items. You don’t want pieces to vie for attention by competing against each other, as this is quick to create a chaotic mess. Instead, go for a single statement piece that demands attention for a tasteful amount of style. Something like a large mirror with a funky frame, a boldly patterned armchair, or a crazy lighting fixture will add just the right amount of oomph without being over the top.

Minerva Beauty’s items can easily act as your statement piece when desired or can simply be complimentary to your eclectic look. Stately pieces such as the Solitude Reception Desk or the black stainless steel riveted Axis Styling Station can anchor eclectic style while more simple pieces such as the black Avant Styling Chair or the Iridium Styling Station can seamlessly blend into your overall design.

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