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How to Update Your Salon

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Could your salon benefit from a fresh coat of paint or a renovation? If you have been thinking it’s time to give your salon design a refresh, you have come to the right place! We will explore some of the signs that will show you whether your salon needs a renovation or not, and we will also talk about ways to update your salon. 

Ensuring your salon’s design and look stay up to date and modern is more important than you think. In fact, your clients want to visit salons that are aesthetically pleasing and thoughtfully designed. 

When Is It Time to Renovate or Refresh My Salon?

How do you know if your salon is in need of a refresh or renovation? There could be some obvious signs like needing to purchase new salon chairs or seeing paint-chipped walls, but there are also less obvious signs. Let’s explore some of the cues your salon, clients and stylists may be giving you that suggest it’s time for a redesign. 

  • Your salon feels crowded and there isn’t room to grow. 
  • The paint on the walls has faded or chipped. 
  • Your stylists are using styling chairs that are starting to look worn. 
  • You want your salon to have a new look. 
  • You feel like you and your business have outgrown the space. 
  • You don’t have as much storage as you need or would like. 
  • The design of your salon feels outdated or boring.
  • There are foundational issues with the space and the building. 
  • You are losing clients to salons that have a trendier aesthetic. 

Use our salon chair buying guide to find the best salon styling chairs for your space and budget.

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How to Update Your Salon

If it’s time for a renovation or refresh, we are here to show you that renovations don’t have to seem like lengthy and grueling processes. Here are some ways to prepare for an update and give your space new life. 

Evaluate What Needs to Be Updated – If you aren’t sure where to start with your salon renovation, take some time to walk around your salon and note the equipment and finishes that could use some restoring or replacing. This will help you determine what needs investment now and what can wait so you can create a budget that works for you. 

Set a Budget – Now that you have identified the areas of your salon that need improvement, it’s time to create a budget. Keep in mind that if you need to replace a lot of salon furniture and equipment, you can use salon equipment financing to offset the upfront costs. As you are creating your budget, build in flexibility for things to change so that you don’t accidentally overextend yourself. 

Invest in New Equipment and Furniture – You would be surprised at how quickly your salon’s aesthetic will change when you swap out old furniture with new pieces like a chic salon reception desk. New equipment and furniture instantly give your space a facelift. 

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Give Your Salon a Fresh Coat of Paint – Every refresh and redesign should involve a fresh coat of paint. Freshly painted walls can either breathe new life into your space or drastically change the look and feel of your salon. 

Add Plants – Plants liven up any space, and they also have many benefits when it comes to purifying your salon’s air from chemicals and toxins. They also look very chic and modern in salons

Rethink Your Layout and Floor Plan – If you feel that you are running out of space in your salon, you can always change up your space’s floor plan and layout. For example, you could update your reception area to use a smaller reception desk to allow you to add a makeup area in the front of your salon. Some salons will even get rid of their washer and dryer by using eco-friendly disposable towels and capes. In doing so, they can add an enclosed room for other services such as brows or lashes. If you will be bringing in new equipment or you want to rearrange your layout without any heavy lifting, you can use Minerva’s 2D Design Tool to lay out your salon virtually. 

Upgrade Salon Lighting – Similar to a fresh coat of paint, changing out and upgrading your salon’s lighting can improve the look of your space. You can also add modern light fixtures that have some personality to infuse your salon with more unique, statement pieces. A great way to do this without breaking the bank is to add mirrors with LED lighting in to add a subtle but upscale feeling to your space.

Add Wall Shelves for More Storage – If you are running short on storage space or looking for a more unique way to showcase retail products, add some wall shelves to your salon. These floating wall shelves are chic and they save you floor space. 

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Are you ready to redesign and remodel your salon? Whether this project takes you a few weeks or a whole year to complete, it’s an investment that will pay off. Not only will your clients enjoy the upgrades, but your people will also love coming into a salon that reflects modern design. Keep reading for tips on how to decorate a salon on a budget!

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