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Introducing Minerva Beauty's Bella Vita Collection - Made in Italy

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“Bella Vita” means beautiful life in Italian, and that’s what you’ll get with Minerva Beauty’s Bella Vita Collection. The Bella Vita Collection features top-of-the-line Italian-made designs that combine modern technology, luxurious style, and superior quality that you can depend on for your salon, spa, or barbershop setting. Including items such as color-proof salon carts, drop-proof blow dryers, modernized barber chairs, impeccably designed salon chairs, and more, the Bella Vita Collection will take your beauty business to the next level.


Enhance your space with Bella Vita’s selection of salon and barber seating. These Italian-made chairs feature elegant seam stitching, smooth vinyl, and high density foam cushioning with memory for maximum comfort and ease. With a variety of colors and 10 customizable base options to choose from, these Italian chairs are suited to fit every salon aesthetic. Elevate your space’s style and functionality with Bella Vita’s selection of salon and barber chairs.

Emma Styling Chair
Jupiter Barber Chair
Clarissa Styling Chair


From wall-mounted dryers and electronic steamers to professional-grade infrared hair color processors, the Bella Vita Collection features processing equipment designed with the latest technology for the quickest and most accurate results. The wall-mounted items are perfect space-saving additions that feature a retractable arm with a wide range of adjusting options to suit your needs, while the free-standing dryers and processors come equipped with a durable caster base for easy and flexible mobility around your space.

Capelli Infrared Hair Color Processor
Fiori Wall-Mounted Hooded Thermostatic Dryer
Vapore Mobile Electronic Hair Steamer


With a variety of colors and Italian-made designs to choose from, add functionality, style, and enhanced mobility to your space with Bella Vita’s selection of color-proof carts and trolleys. Designed with thick, high quality, and stain-resistant plastic, the Bella Vita trolleys are all equipped with hair resistant, smooth glide wheels that will shock even the most experienced hairdressers with their ability to roll seamlessly over the salon floor.

Elogy Mobile Stylist Color Cart
Balayage Stain-Proof Color Trolley
Sorrento Salon Trolley


The Bella Vita Collection includes professional Italian-made Ceriotti blow dryers featuring durable drop-proof design, “silent brushing” technology, and aerodynamic flow with the added benefits of red tourmaline. These Italian blow dryers provide high quality performance at an unbeatable price. Available in a variety of colors, Bella Vita’s selection of blow dryers are versatile, quiet and reliable. Browse the collection and see why these Ceriotti blow dryers are ones you can’t do without!

BI-5000 Professional Italian Blow Dryer
Monsoon Professional Italian Blow Dryer
Buran Tourmaline Blow Dryer

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