Ah, minimalism. We've all seen it: heavenly spaces seemingly devoid of clutter which grace the cover of magazines and adorn ‘Likes’ on social media platforms at quantities unseen. Envy is spiked within as you peek at your own space; only to be met by the unsightly visual of real-life, where clutter and chaos seem to abound. Try as you might, you quickly realize mimicking the peaceful environments is not as simple as it seems. Thus, you proceed to convince yourself those perfectly staged spaces can’t be real…or can they?

Minimalistic décor has been on trend since the early ‘90s, but many believe it is an unrealistic style choice for their daily lives. If you are someone who jealously sneers at the sight of an oh-so-perfect minimal interior, Minerva Beauty is here to share some good news. Minimal is, in fact, realistically attainable and to get you inspired, we’re sharing essential techniques to make minimal décor work for your business.

  1. Start with a Neutral Base
    Minimal interiors are all about being calm and inviting. For a smooth consistency, stick to a neutral color palette limited to a handful of hues that are just a few shades apart from each other. Nothing says serenity like a grounded, concise palette filled with an array of shades that are easy to work with and universally pleasing. Start with a base of colors like whites, creams, blacks, and grays and build from there.

Jamie Nicole Salon Jamie Nicole Salon

  1. Keep it Simple
    For those of us who lead busy lifestyles, maintaining a clutter-free space can require a vast amount of diligence—so be warned, but know the “less is more” design approach is worth the effort because less mess can lead to less stress. To practically introduce minimalism into your daily life, the best tip is to keep the environment sparse. Pare down as much as you can by toning down décor and making sure everything has a place and a reason.

    1. Choose Quality Over Quantity
      Don’t be afraid to splurge on staple furnishings that are both eye-catching and sure to last. Investing in classic pieces of good quality will save you from always needing to replace items due to style changes or wear. Stick to quality over quantity, as the lack of décor in minimalism demands each piece to stand on its own without attracting negative attention due to inferior construction or low-quality materials.

Symmetrie Studios Symmetrie Studios

  1. Utilize Storage
    Minimal doesn't necessarily mean an absence of belongings, but keeping possessions stored nicely and out of sight is key to making it work. Thus, storage is ultimately going to be your best friend. Invest in furniture with ample amounts of storage compartments. Use storage boxes to organize odds and ends. Place reading materials in magazine racks or bookshelves. Use a shelving unit to display a collection of retail items in an organized manner. The point is—hiding things in plain sight is a practical way to keep everything organized without compromising the overall essence of minimalism.

  2. Think About Texture
    A neutral space doesn’t have to be boring, in fact, much like every other interior design style, minimal décor demands personality—just in small doses. Add some visual interest by layering textures in similar tones. Mix smooth and rough surfaces by incorporating a variety of textiles and things like rugs, throw pillows, and small décor pieces. From something as simple as a thickly applied impasto painting to a nubby area rug…textures can rid the serious feel and add a tasteful edge in many ways.

The easiest way Minerva Beauty can help you achieve your minimalistic salon design is by providing many styling station options with plenty of storage in a variety of textures. Minerva also has many no fuss, streamlined styling chairs that can be equipped with low profile square or round bases for a sleek look. Lastly, Minerva Beauty retail displays provide a designated place for your retail products. Stock the shelves minimally to maintain your look.