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Successful Salons in Minerva Beauty’s Lookbook

hair salon lookbook success stories

Our Lookbook highlights individuals taking the leap into salon ownership and how Minerva Beauty helped

The Minerva Beauty Lookbook was inspired by our wonderful clients. As we discovered our customer’s unique and individual journeys to salon ownership, we realize the need to share their stories with others! The Lookbook is a great way to learn why and how others have taken the leap into salon ownership as well as see which Minerva Beauty equipment they selected for their spaces. Minerva provides the salon chair, but we wanted to learn and share the stories about the person standing behind it. 

You can also find videos as well as more in-depth write ups of these success stories within the Inspiring Stories section of our blog Highlights & Insights. Also stop by our Idea Center which serves as a hub for inspiration as you design the salon space you’ve been dreaming of.

As we continue to grow this collection, we welcome you to submit a story of your own! If you are interested in sharing your story, send an email to with the following information for consideration*:

  • Salon name
  • Salon owner’s name
  • Contact information
  • Salon location
  • Social media handles (if applicable)
  • 1-2 pictures of your salon
    • It is helpful if these photos showcase your salon’s aesthetic and any Minerva equipment you currently use
    • They do not need to be professional photos

*Not all stories will be applicable for inclusion based on travel expenses, quality photographs, and several other factors. 

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