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Preparing for New Expectations

Preparing for New Expectations | Privacy Panels

To say the least, the beauty industry has been turned up on its head in the last few months. Minerva Beauty understands this time of uncertainty with rapidly changing expectations can be stressful and daunting. As we are always trying to look on the bright side, Minerva Beauty invites you to imagine the situation as an opportunity to set yourself apart from other salons and spas in your area. Be a leader and transform your environment in a way that demonstrates your commitment to your guests and staff.

Below are three things to consider as you embark on the new normal:

1. Simple ways to give the appearance of a refreshed space.

  • Paint. Putting a fresh coat of paint on your interior and exterior will go a long way. Choose a bright and fresh color to give an air of cleanliness.
  • Clean. This may sound obvious, but sweep away all the dust bunnies, clean your baseboards, and get rid of those cobwebs.
  • Organize. There are many ways to decrease clutter, but one thing to consider is the use of carts and trolleys in your environment for surfaces that are easy to clean and store out of sight when not in use.
  • Lighting. If your light bulbs are getting dull, replace them. Even simply wiping down the bulbs help brighten up your space. And don’t forget the sign out front! Make sure it’s well-lit.
  • Update equipment. Take a look at your styling chairs, shampoo systems, mats, etc. Do any of your items need to be replaced?

2. Acquire PPE and tools to sanitize your equipment.

  • Disposable ecofriendly towels. Disposable towels add an additional level of hygiene provided to each client. The towels are also biodegradable. Shop Easydry towels.
  • Disposable capes. If you’re looking for a quick solution for capes, disposable capes may be a great way to go. Shop disposable capes.
  • Sterilizers and Sanitizers. Make sure your tools and equipment are sanitized between every client with our selection of UV sterilizers and autoclave sanitizer. Shop sterilizers and sanitizers.
  • Reusable Cloth Face Masks. Give your stylists some flare with reusable cloth face masks – available in black as well as a variety of fun prints. Shop reusable cloth face masks.
  • Station partitions. Providing a divider between stations may provide additional peace of mind for your staff and customers. Please give us a call to discuss your options.

3. Communicate to your customers and employees.

  • Your customers as well as employees want to know what you’re doing to keep them safe. Be sure to communicate updates, new policies, and best practices on all your social media channels, by email, and on your website.
  • Become the expert in your town about best practices in your salon. Reach out to local media outlets to educate them on how you’re making your salon as safe as can be.

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