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17 Simple Rules Your Hair Salon Should Have

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Whether you like them or not, rules are necessary for all aspects of life. In a salon where things can get busy and chaotic quickly, it’s critical to have set rules for your staff and clients in order to keep things running as smoothly as possible. 

Salon managers and owners are also responsible for managing many different personalities at a salon, and setting rules can help managers set the tone and create a workforce that abides by directions and works together cohesively. 

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Why It’s Important to Implement Rules

Rules prompt order and organization. Imagine if there weren’t any rules and people could do whatever they wanted at any time. This could create a lot of chaos — especially in a busy salon. Rules are like boundaries in the sense that they are important to set and to have, and they can be found everywhere. 

In salons, you have people from all walks of life, each with their own personality, work ethic and goals. When it comes to your employees, they most likely show up to work because they love their job and because they have to. They arrive at a certain time because that’s when their clients and you expect them to be there. They clean up their salon stations because they are told to do so by their peers or by management. But imagine if none of those rules existed and, instead, your salon employees showed up to work whenever they wanted and didn’t clean because they didn’t feel like it. It would be nearly impossible to run a business. 

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How to Enforce Rules

No one wants to micro-manage their employees as most employees don’t want to be micro-managed either. However, aside from setting rules, they also need to be enforced. How do you go about enforcing rules so that they are effectively followed in a salon? Here are some ways you can keep rules top of mind. 

  • Make employees review and sign an employee handbook with the rules
  • Send out email reminders if rules aren’t being followed
  • Post signage of your salon rules in break rooms and common areas
  • Remind employees of rules during team meetings
  • Enforce consequences when rules are broken
  • Reward employees for following the rules

Simple Rules Your Salon Should Have 

In order to keep your business running smoothly, salon organized, clients happy and your people feeling fulfilled, here are some simple rules to implement. Consultant, educator, and Minerva's Director of Corporate Relations Jeff Grissler does a great job of breaking down salon rules and how they benefit your salon. 

  • Show Up to Work on Time – Employees should show up at a set time every single day, even if they don’t have clients right when doors open. This will give your employees time to organize and help out around the salon. 
  • Prioritize the Client – When you are at work, the client should always be your top priority. 
  • Don’t Get Defensive with Clients – Clients trust you a great deal with their hair and it’s important to listen and provide them with the best service. 
  • Always Greet Clients – When new clients walk in, greet them with a smile. Even if you are busy, it’s important to acknowledge guests.
  • Call in Before Your Shift if You Can’t Come in – If your employees are sick or can’t make it to their shift, give them direct and clear guidelines on appropriate timing for calling out so that you can easily rebook their clients without throwing off your whole day.
  • Clean and Organize at the End of Your Shift – There are many moving parts to a salon, and things can get messy quickly. Have your employees tidy and clean salon stations before they clock out. 
  • Request Time Off in Advance – Similarly to calling out, requesting time off should be done ahead of time so that the rest of the salon can prepare. A good rule of thumb for extended time off is to provide the request at least 2 weeks in advance.
  • Submit Inventory Orders at the End of the Week – If stylists are using salon supplies and are running short, they should either immediately alert management of the shortage or be required to report the inventory they need during specific days of the week. 
  • No Drug or Alcohol Use at Work – As a stylist, it is your job to be as precise and prompt as possible. There should be no drug or alcohol use at work. 
  • Clean Attire Must Be WornMake sure aprons and attire are clean at the start of every shift.

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  • Ensure Cleaning Standards are Met – It’s essential to the health and well-being of your clients and staff that equipment and stations are routinely sanitized. 
  • Do Not Gossip – It’s important not to gossip about clients or your coworkers to maintain a professional demeanor. 
  • Recommend Products to Clients – To help the salon hit revenue goals, you need to promote the products they offer. Using salon styling products on your clients' hair, explaining how and why you chose the product for their hair, and explaining that it is available for them to purchase is an easy way to recommend your salon's products to clients.
  • Take Feedback from Clients Seriously – Whether you are given feedback on your services or the salon, keep these suggestions in mind. 
  • Do Not Steal Products from Inventory – Products are to be used during services and at the salon. They are not for employees to take home. 
  • Show Up for Every Shift Prepared – Whether you leave your equipment and supplies at the salon chair you’re using or you take them home with you, it’s important to show up every day with the supplies you need. 
  • Treat Everyone with Respect – This rule goes for management, coworkers and clients.

Every salon is unique, and while many of these rules are universal, feel free to add in rules that apply to your salon and people specifically.

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