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How to Maintain Your Salon Styling Chair

a dark-colored salon chair

Minerva Beauty salon styling chairs are designed for professional use in a commercial setting.

Proper maintenance of your salon chairs is critical to their longevity. Here are some ways to extend the life of your salon chairs!

Tighten the bolts

The bolts used to secure the styling chair to the base and the bolts that attach the footrest can become loose over time. Simply making sure the bolts are tightened will keep your chair from getting wobbly with daily use. You can use the 7mm Allen wrench included with your Minerva Beauty salon chair purchase.

Pro Tip: You can also use lock tight (threadlocker adhesive) to secure the bolts. Just note, once you’ve used lock tight, it will be very difficult to unscrew the bolts moving forward.

Use the right cleaners

Wiping down styling chairs with harsh chemicals can damage the vinyl and stitching over time. Be sure to use cleaners that are safe for this kind of material.

We highly recommend using our Leather & Vinyl Vinyl Cleaner- 24oz. This gentle yet effective salon chair cleaner is designed to remove product buildup from products such as hairspray. Being coconut oil based, the cleaner will also slightly condition the vinyl helping maintain its appearance.

Pro Tip: Use this cleaner on any vinyl furnishings in your salon such as shampoo systems, massage tables, dryer chairs, and more!

Protect your chairs

Using covers over the back of your styling chairs will add a layer of protection to spare your salon chair vinyl from hair color splatter and hairspray buildup. Minerva Beauty offers custom designed covers for almost every styling chair model offered.

Pro Tip: Shop Minerva Beauty salon chair covers, barber chair cover, and shampoo chair covers.

Maintain your hydraulics

Keeping your salon chair hydraulics in working order is a must to keep your salon running smoothly. To keep the parts of your hydraulic lubricated, pump your chair all the way up and let it come all the way down at least once a day.

Pro Tip: Make sure the chair is all the way down and in the locked position before your clients enter and exit the chair.

Should you have any questions about your Minerva Beauty salon chairs, please don’t hesitate to call 888-332-0123 or reach out to us via chat or email. We are here to support you and your beauty business journey!

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